Trust Program Document Bundle

You have questions about Resolver’s Trust Program –
We have the answers you need in one convenient download.

To provide the greatest level of transparency into our Trust Program, Resolver has created a downloadable bundle of documents containing virtually every detail you might want to know about our policies and standards, such as: controls that are implemented in corporate and hosted environments, and controls that are implemented in our SaaS applications in order to be compliant with high-level of information security best practices.

Here are the documents you’ll find in our Trust Program document download:

Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire

The SIG Questionnaire is one of the industry’s leading information gathering and organizing tools, used to create highly comprehensive question-and-answer libraries relevant to an organization’s information security, privacy, and risk assessment activities. Resolver’s SIG Questionnaire contains 1,200 questions and answers, making it the ultimate Q&A session providing full transparency into how we manage and protect all information assets.

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Questionnaire

The CSA Questionnaire is another leading industry tool used to capture an expertly curated set of questions and answers relevant to cloud computing security assurance. Resolver’s CSA addresses a total of 300 questions offering you complete insight into how we secure and maintain our cloud-based solutions.

Resolver Policy Documents

To compliment the SIG and CSA questionnaires, we have added an organized collection of Resolver’s Information Security policy documents. These documents provide a candid and informative look at how we protect the information we manage from unwanted disclosure and misuse.

Documentation Downloads

Note: use the password ResolverCorePublicVerInfoSecDocumentationPackage to access the download.

doc downloadCore
doc download disabledPerspective (Coming Soon)
doc download disabledRiskVision (Coming Soon)
doc download disabledGlobal Alertlink (Coming Soon)