See Risk.
Build Resilience.

Avoid emerging risks, reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, and quickly recover from crises with Resolver's Enterprise Resilience Solutions.

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Building Enterprise Resilience

The relentless pace of global change carries a myriad of risks. Resolver’s flexible Risk Intelligence Platform ensures you're always one step ahead. We provide best-in-class solutions that give you the foresight to proactively and confidently manage risks to business objectives, physical security and threats, brand reputation, and new emerging risks.


Show you've got everything under control


Show stakeholders and the public how you manage risk, compliance, threats, and incidents in line with the highest standards.


Gain stakeholder alignment with clear, graphic visualizations that illustrate the impact of your programs, making complex data easily understood.


With precise analytics, see the tangible impact of your risk strategies on key performance indicators.

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End-to-end Enterprise Resilience

Risk & Audit

Connect risks to reality. Understand the source and potential impact of every risk, continually assess control effectiveness, and drive timely action to prevent risks from materializing.


Simplify multi-jurisdictional obligations into clear, practical requirements. Track issues, drive accountability, and ensure compliance.

Enterprise Security & Investigations

Accelerate incident, investigations and threat resolution. Prevent losses and identify gaps with enterprise-wide incident reporting, optimized investigations, and root-cause analysis.

Brand Equity Protection

Respond to risk events at the right time and in the right way to defend your brand and safeguard online communities. Proactively manage online reputation risks.

Platform Trust & Safety

Take action against bad actors to meet your community’s Trust & Safety objectives. Strengthen your T&S teams with external intelligence.

Discover the rewards of well-managed risk

Enhance crisis preparedness

    Stay ahead of the curve with Resolver: Elevate reporting efficiency by up to 95% and reduce unreported events by 30%, sharpening your crisis response.

Protect your revenue

    Make sure that risk events don't hit your bottom line. On average, Resolver's clients have saved over $8M in revenue per crisis averted.

Boost your brand

    Let your public image shine by addressing risks well. When you're perceived as resilient, your reputation — and company valuation — goes up. We protect over $6.5 trillion in combined market capitalization for over 1,000 brands

These Companies Got Risk Under Control with Resolver

Show how you withstand risk

“We're embedding risk management into decision-making processes because we can include our risk appetite statements right into the system. We have a holistic view of our risk profile that has improved transparency and accountability, and we can quickly identify and manage issues more proactively.” Chase Clelland, VP of Enterprise Risk

Bounce back quickly from risk events

“The adoption of Resolver was painless. The users realized very quickly that it was not like other complex systems, the self-explanatory data-driven forms reduced the training time to just two hours, and onboarding new employees now takes about 10 minutes.” Mark Pawelek, Chief Compliance Officer

Protect your brand by showing strength

“By using Resolver, we've been able to reduce incidents of pilferage by as much as 30% within the past decade, with a roughly 10% reduction coming over the past three years alone.” Michael Ryan, Investigations Manager