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A solution for the entire organization.

Corporate Security

You know you’ve done your job when no one knows that your job has been done…

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Risk, Audit & Compliance

Stop chasing assessments and updates through spreadsheets and email…

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Information Security

IT security managers have to decide how to address an average of 40 new vulnerabilities every single day…

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Business Resilience

Be prepared for the inevitable interruption; recover quickly and get back to business as usual…

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Capture accurate data. Reduce negative impact.

You’re passionate about what you do because it protects what matters to your organization. We’re passionate about helping you achieve that. Resolver customers are secure and resilient, ready to respond to every threat and opportunity.

Our integrated risk management software helps organizations reduce the frequency, severity and impact of negative events impacting organizational success.

With great adoption comes great insight.

Protecting what matters to your organization is not a one-person job – it takes a team. You need to engage all business units to get quality and timely data to do your job.

That’s where Resolver steps in.

Remove silos

Our integrated approach enables teams to drive user adoption and share data more effectively throughout the organization.

Highly configurable software

We tailor the solution to your unique needs rather than relying on rigid custom code. By simplifying the experience, we ensure that you have access to quality, timely data so that you can drive actionable insight.

Data-driven decision making

Using meaningful reporting, we make it easier to consume complex information to clearly quantify and communicate the impact of risk and security events back to the organization.


Working with Resolver has been a great experience, the application as well as the service delivery.


Navin, Senior Manager ERM+BCM in Financial Services

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