Sophisticated, easy-to-use risk solutions to help your growing enterprise reach new heights

Great businesses can’t win without taking risks. Resolver equips growing enterprises with a clear picture of their risk, enabling them to make quick and effective decisions to move their business forward and grow faster while ensuring their people and assets are protected.

Over 1000 Organizations trust Resolver

Transforming how organizations across the globe manage their risk

An integrated suite of advanced functionalities and specialized approaches that fit together seamlessly.

Many businesses across various industries are faced with the same challenge every day: finding ways to move the needle forward and drive meaningful change. But ensuring that the right systems are in place to mitigate risk and protect your people and assets is critical. Resolver is making that possible, enterprise by enterprise.

Our modern technology allows organizations to achieve their business goals at faster speeds by helping them manage today’s risks and identify tomorrow’s opportunities. Our modular-designed solutions work independently or can easily be combined into one fully integrated holistic risk solution. We’ve built solutions for:

Corporate Security Teams

Empower your organization’s security and risk departments to be proactive and preventative with Resolver’s AI-enabled security management tool.

Risk & Compliance Teams

Deliver a best-in-class government, risk and compliance program to mature your risk culture, automate your processes and generate meaningful insights.

Information Security Teams

Implement best practices leveraging advanced reporting to protect your data and mitigate your organization’s cybersecurity risk.

Best-in-class technology with configurable and actionable data-driven reporting at your fingertips

We know that you need a solution that can be easily adopted by your entire workforce, that adapts to your organization’s unique needs, and that provides you with actionable and clear reporting to drive your business forward. As technology leaders who are revolutionizing the risk ecosystem, that’s our promise to you.

Easy-to-use technology

Protecting your organization is not a one-person job — it takes a team. Our industry leading UX means higher user adoption across internal teams, resulting in more effective data sharing throughout the entire organization.

Highly configurable software

We tailor the solution to your organization’s unique set of needs. By simplifying the experience, Resolver ensures that you have access to quality, timely data so that you can drive actionable insight.

Data-driven insights

Using meaningful reporting, we make it easier to consume complex information to clearly quantify and communicate the impact of risk and security events back to the organization. Board-ready reports have never been easier.

The best support in the business

Our team is here to help you when you need it with reliable, hands-on technical support and customer care to ensure your needs and questions are addressed quickly, every single time.

Learn how our industry leading technology is transforming how large organizations worldwide manage their business’ governance, risk, and compliance management programs.

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