Comprehensive Risk and Compliance Software for Banks

Empower your banking institution with advanced risk and compliance tools needed to navigate complexities, manage risks, and ensure regulatory compliance

Comprehensive Risk and Compliance Software for Banks

Proven impact of using Resolver’s risk and compliance software

95% Improvement in risk reporting efficiency
75% Increase in compliance testing efficiency
50% Reduction in audit completion time

Ensure each challenge is directly addressed by Resolver's solutions

Managing Regulatory Compliance

Mitigating Operational Risks

Combatting Financial Fraud Threats

Overseeing Third-Party Risks

Risk and Compliance Solutions for Operational Resilience in Banking

Increase operational efficiency and ensure compliance with Resolver's advanced banking solutions, designed to meet the unique challenges of financial institutions

Strengthen Operational Resilience

Identify and mitigate risks swiftly to minimize disruptions and ensure business continuity. Resolver’s real-time insights empower your team to act proactively, keeping your banking operations resilient and stable.

Reduce Regulatory Risk and Compliance Costs

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with Resolver’s automated compliance monitoring and reporting. Reduce compliance costs and avoid penalties while ensuring your institution adheres to evolving standards. Feel confident and secure in your regulatory posture.

Empower Agile Decision-Making

Equip your leaders with real-time risk data and comprehensive insights. Resolver’s solutions enable informed, strategic decisions, helping your institution navigate complex banking environments effectively. Experience the confidence of having risk intelligence at your fingertips.

Foster Collaboration and Engagement

Break down siloes and enhance communication across your three lines with Resolver’s collaborative tools. Promote a cohesive risk management approach, ensuring all teams are aligned and motivated to work together efficiently. Experience the ease of unified controls and compliance efforts.

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Advanced Banking Risk and Compliance Software

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with Resolver’s automated compliance monitoring, ensuring your institution adheres to evolving standards efficiently. Real-time updates and comprehensive tracking ensure adherence to evolving standards, reducing non-compliance risks and costly penalties by $1.4M in projected savings. Resolver’s compliance software automates processes, so your team can focus on strategic initiatives, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced compliance costs.

Automated Compliance Monitoring screenshot

Streamlined Risk Assessments

Proactively identify and mitigate risks with Resolver’s streamlined risk assessments, safeguarding your institution’s stability and reputation. Consolidate risk data from various sources to get a holistic view of potential threats. By improving risk assessment processes with Resolver, your team can quickly address vulnerabilities, enhancing operational resilience and agile decision-making capabilities.

Streamlined Risk Assessments screenshot

Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management

Manage third-party relationships effectively with Resolver’s comprehensive third-party risk management software, proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks. Consolidate risk data from various sources to gain a holistic view of potential supplier risks. Streamline vendor risk assessment processes, allowing your team to address vulnerabilities quickly, ensuring operational resilience and informed decision-making.

Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management screenshot

Optimized Incident and Issue Management

Respond promptly to operational disruptions with Resolver’s optimized incident management, minimizing impact on your bank’s operations and maintaining customer trust. Track incidents in real-time, offering detailed insights into root causes and enabling swift resolution. By leveraging automated workflows and best-practice templates, your institution can ensure efficient incident handling, leading to a safer and more reliable banking environment.

Optimized Incident and Issue Management screenshot

Enhanced Audit Efficiency and Control

Enhance transparency and accountability with Resolver’s audit management software, elevating internal controls and audit efficiency across your institution. Support risk-based audits with real-time monitoring of internal controls. By identifying and addressing issues proactively, your institution can prevent escalation, ensuring compliance and operational excellence. Streamline the audit process to boost efficiency by 30% and reduce the burden on your audit team.

Enhanced Audit Efficiency and Control screenshot
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