Compliance is necessary, why make it complicated?

Resolver’s Compliance Management Software helps you easily organize, manage and keep up with regulatory requirements for efficient and comprehensive compliance.

Automate regulatory change management

Stop wasting time sending emails and checking in with control owners.  Spread the workload, share accountability.

  • Effectively manage compliance changes from multiple sources by prioritizing and assigning regulatory changes to requirement owners.
  • Automate compliance monitoring alerts and notifications using Resolver’s intuitive workflow engine, which is completely configurable, ensuring that you can easily automate any task, no matter how complicated.

Prioritize Your Highest Risk Regulations

Not all regulations are applicable to your organization. Not all compliance activities and standards are equally important. Resolver’s Compliance application allows you to:

  • Define what is applicable to your business
  • Confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management.
  • Reduce your exposure to risk, penalties and damage to your reputation.
  • Identify and minimize risk of noncompliance as soon as it happens

Gain organization wide compliance oversight

How can you optimize your compliance program without a complete, centralized view of requirements, controls, control testing and issues?

  • Combine your compliance information from spreadsheets and emails into a relationship visualization of information.
  • Be prepared for Compliance Committee meetings with meaningful dashboards.

Reduce compliance fatigue on the business

The business is often inundated information requests for controls that impact multiple requirements. Resolver’s compliance management allows you to:

  • Link a single control to multiple regulations so you can reduce document request fatigue on the business.
  • Engage business owners with step by step requirement assessment forms, clear guidelines for inherent and residual risk evaluation, controls documentation and evidence requests.

Prove Compliance to Regulators

Managing external regulatory audits is a necessary and cumbersome part of the compliance process.Resolver’s Regulator-centric reports:

  • Provide assurance to the regulators that activities are in place to mitigate, measure, ensure, enforceand prove compliance ofrequirements withinthe business.

Compliance Management Software for Your Entire Team

Regulatory Change Alerts

Receive, prioritize and assign alerts to: regulatory changes, new legislation and bill drafts for Resolver-subscribed content and reduce the need to manually monitor multiple sources and assigns accountability to those changes so the organization is not left exposed.

Focus on Important Compliance Risks

Determine what obligations are applicable to your business and rationalize obligations that are not applicable. Risk rate obligations that apply to your business, prioritizing the highest risk areas. Track and measure compliance risks in real time, obtaining deeper insight into compliance changes across time within a business function using Resolver’s in-app trending.

Report on your Compliance Posture

Resolver’s pre-built best practice dashboards provide an overview of the organization’s compliance coverage, assessment completion, risk exposure both at an aggregate company and business unit level to allow better insight into control gaps and requirement exposures.

Ensure Business Accountability and Create Consistency

Engage with business owners to ensure they can execute risk assessments, manage requirements, and remediate regulatory gaps. Coordinate testing and control monitoring across the various governance functions of the organization. Remove disparate evaluation scales and apply a common taxonomy across the organization to ensure consistency of data and results.

Provide a Regulator view

Resolver’s regulator-centric reports allow your business to report on compliance by regulator. This focused view allows you to communicate and manage requirements and control evidence that only the regulator cares about.

Compliance Management Software includes support for:

Resolver’s RCM software provides real-time updates on all legislative and regulatory updates, assuring you have the most up-to-date content at all times. Easily engage with the first line of defense to ensure that they can execute risk assessments, manage risks, and remediate regulatory gaps.

Develop and maintain a system of internal control across your organization’s objectives, critical processes, financial reporting and major initiatives. Learn more about Resolver’s Internal Control application here.


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