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Resolver’s Incident Management Software is an end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It helps you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact and prevent incidents.


Better Understand Security Risks

View the reports you need to protect your business at the click of a button. Get a better understanding of your risks by viewing incidents and relationships across any dimension. Make your security investments more effective by benchmarking across key locations and assets. Prevent security threats such as physical incidents, data breaches, fraud and theft by identifying trends of incident locations, time of day and viewing details of specific incident types. Whatever data you need, we have a report for it.


Complete View of All Incidents

Increase your visibility with a fully documented record of events for every incident in your organization. Our Incident and Investigations Management Software makes it easy for your end users to accurately capture the incident data you need. Data entry forms are tailored for each type of user, ask only for the required data, and have built-in guidance that every user – from people making anonymous reports, newly hired employees to the most seasoned professional – can easily use without training.


Reduce Incident Response Time

Every second counts when you are reacting to security incidents. Acting early on information can mean the difference between a near miss and a serious escalation of the incident. Our dynamic, automated triage process for all incidents ensures that the right information is captured based on the type of incident being reported. Automated workflows guarantee that the information gets escalated to the right people through task assignment and notifications.


Investigations Management

Resolver’s Investigations Management Software enables you to find the links between your investigations and the incidents you track, ensuring proper management of your organization’s security risks. Confidently manage BOLOs and track persons of interest tied to open investigations. Share all investigation outcomes and findings with relevant stakeholders, including the corrective actions to take.

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Incident Management Software for Your Entire Team

Highly Configurable

Drag and drop configuration allows admins to create forms and reports without field limitations on employee/incident reports or tickets to capture the most accurate data possible.

Easy to Use

An intuitive platform with easy to follow navigation bars so that end-users never have to guess what they need to do next.

Submission Portals

Easily gather information and initial incident details from employees or via anonymous access for the public or whistle blowers.

Relationship Maps

Quickly identify trends between people, locations, or assets involved in incidents. Perform root cause analysis to determine contributing factors and failed controls.

Identify Trends

Root cause analysis helps you identify gaps in existing processes, policies or countermeasures that need to be addressed.

Custom Reports

Compare key locations to each other for benchmarking, break down incident data by type, or get a summary of a specific incident.

Powerful Visualization

Visually link people, places, and things in hierarchical, or more relevant organization of relationships.

Connect to Other Systems

An open API allows for easy integration to outside systems like inventory/SKU management, HR and facility management systems.


“We noticed an increase in incidents reported on one of our campuses at a specific time. Using the data provided by Resolver, we were able to justify the investment of an additional security guard. Before Resolver, we wouldn’t have been able to make that connection and demonstrate the need for the additional investment.”


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