Confidently Manage Vendor Risks and Partnerships

Resolver's Third-Party Risk Management Software helps optimize vendor selection, streamline onboarding, and effectively manage compliance over the life of the partnership. Perform custom risk assessments and leverage workflow automations to ensure consistent and timely issue resolution


Vendor Onboarding

Make vendor onboarding easy with custom questionnaires, managed through a user-friendly, multilingual solution. Leverage our vendor portal and centralized documentation, for quick and improved response submission & collaboration.


Monitoring and Risk Assessments

Get notified upon changes to vendor risk profiles and manage all your third-party relationships on a single platform. With automated workflows for risk assessments and mitigation plans, we support efficiency across the entire risk management process.


Document Management

Effortlessly create, store, and track vendor contracts, disaster recovery plans, business certifications, agreements, and other documents in a central repository for hassle-free compliance and smooth operations.


Vendor Collaboration and Compliance

Allow your vendors to input data, complete assessments, and access important documents for transparency, compliance, and mutual understanding. Empower them to tackle issues, maintain accuracy, meet compliance standards, and help with risk reduction.  


Valuable Third-Party Insights

Give Information Security & Risk leaders a full picture of your vendor program. Strengthen assessments, allocate resources wisely, and foster better partnerships, engagement, and compliance. Elevate your risk strategy to safeguard your assets.

Third-Party Risk Management Software for Your Risk Team

Vendor identification and requests

Members of the business can submit a request for a vendor risk assessment. If approved, the Vendor Risk team submits a questionnaire to the third party. All vendors are then categorized in the vendor repository.


Vendor risk management teams can build a repository of all third-party providers (vendors) across the organization. The repository categorizes each vendor and includes all contact details, certifications, and associated vendor engagements.


A single vendor may provide several unique services to an organization. Therefore, each vendor engagement is subject to a unique evaluation and associated to the relevant vendor.


Vendor questionnaires are submitted to each vendor in order to evaluate whether the vendor will be able to fulfill the organization’s needs and demands. This application also supports SIG/SIG Lite Questionnaires.

Vendor portal

The Vendor Portal allows vendors to access Resolver and submit responses to their questionnaires.

Risk assessment

Once questionnaires are completed, the vendor risk team will perform a risk assessment to understand the risk associated to each third-party. The team can evaluate the response provided in the questionnaire and review all certifications to determine whether the vendor engagement should be approved.


Vendor risk management teams will have visibility to several vendor reports, including, Vendor Profile Reports, Vendor Criticality Reports, Gaps and Remediation Activities, Vendor Engagement Reports, Vendor Engagement Status Reports.


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