Investigations & Case Management

Discover insights in complex cases to reduce losses, prevent future incidents, and protect your employees with our best-in-class Investigations and Case Management Software.

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Take control of your investigations


Security Data

Avoid overlooking critical evidence because data is scattered across disjointed systems. Capture all security data in Resolver’s central investigation case management software so that investigative teams can easily view all the information they need to perform thorough evaluations.

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AI-Powered Tagging and Link Analysis

Built-in AI security risk management capabilities automatically tag and uncover connections in your data. Visualize the relationship between incidents, individuals, assets, and locations to identify the root cause of incidents and threats for swift physical security vulnerability mitigation and response.

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Case Management

Managing complex cases at scale can be daunting. With best-practice workflows for common case types pre-built into our case management solution, along with powerful task automation, you can manage cases effectively and efficiently.

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Customized Use Cases

Each case is unique. Your workflow should be unique, too. Personal support from Resolver’s helpful experts helps you build custom workflows that fit your needs, getting your security team started quickly before incidents become costly.

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Automated Reports

Powerful automated reports summarize your security activities, including investigation status, outcomes, causes, and correction action progress. Communicate your security team’s impact with comprehensive dashboards and reports that visually demonstrate your value.

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Chain of Custody

Preserve the integrity of your evidence with a centralized case management system that lets you track and oversee the chain of custody. Easily understand where evidence is located, as well as who had access to it at all times.

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Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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Investigations & Case Management Application Benefits

Loss Prevention

Workplace Violence

Brand Protection

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

Process Automation
Data Warehousing
Workflow Automation
Automated Reporting
Risk Intelligence

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