Command Center Management

Identify and respond to security incidents with precision and speed with security command center software.

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Act intelligently. Act swiftly.


Situational Awareness

Stop radioing personnel to find out their position. With live maps that display alarms, incidents, and guard locations, you can quickly deploy the right personnel to the scene.

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Precise Execution

Respond to incidents as instructed with standard operating procedures (SOPs) automatically attached to the dispatch request. Dispatchers and officers can easily attach people and files to the incident for smoother security operations.

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Mobile App

Remove barriers between dispatchers and officers with security command center software that streamlines workflows. Dispatchers can use the app to instantly share task details, send messages and track officer locations. Officers can respond to critical events quickly, follow procedures easily, and document incidents immediately.

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Response Management

Avoid entering alarm data from your access control or PSIM application into the dispatch solution. View all alarms in a central panel and assign guards to critical incidents through our command center software In seconds.

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Business Impact

Corporate security budgets are under constant pressure. Prove the value of your security operations with powerful automated reports that illustrate the impact on incident severity and frequency, generated quickly and easily through our security command center software solution.

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Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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Benefits of Security Command Center Software

Guard Dispatch

Alarm & Access Control Monitoring

Routine Scheduling

Activity Tracking And Reporting

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

Process Automation
Data Warehousing
Workflow Automation
Automated Reporting
Risk Intelligence

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