Comprehensive Security Operations Management

Resolver’s Command Center combines alarm management, computer-aided dispatch, and incident reporting. Connect dispatchers directly to officers and share dispatch details, locations, and standard operating procedures to securely and efficiently manage organizational safety.


Maintain Situational Awareness

Resolver’s Command Center application plots alarms, incidents and guard locations onto real-time maps. No longer do you need to radio for locations. See which personnel are available and close to alarms and incidents, so you can get them on the scene as quickly as possible.


Execute with Precision

With in-system Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), you can put your training to practical use and execute on incidents and emergencies exactly as they were drawn up. Built-in data collection ensures that people and files can be attached to the incident during the response by dispatchers in the Command Center or by officers on mobile devices.


Streamline Response

With Resolver’s integrations there’s no need to manually enter data from your access control or PSIM application in the dispatch solution. From the alarm panel you can quickly see and manage alarms and have important ones handed off to the guard team in seconds rather than minutes.


Prove the Value of Security

Corporate security budgets are under constant pressure. The in-app reporting feature within the Command Center Software highlights not only the incidents but also all the activity that goes into reducing incidents and mitigating impacts. The value of command center reports is in the avoidance of problems. Use your activity data to show how you are doing this.

Security Operations Software For Your Entire Team

Dispatch and Officer Monitoring

A clear and detailed picture of your security operations team so that you know what events are happening, where, and who’s responding.

Create Dispatches

Create custom templates that automatically populate a new dispatch with your organization’s requirements to ensure your dispatchers respond faster and follow procedure correctly.

Pre-Schedule Dispatches

Be confident that planned patrols are always completed and documented on time by pre-scheduling routine dispatches.

Reporting and Analytics

Resolver’s powerful reporting provides you with actionable data to help you mitigate future occurrence and impact.

Alarm Management and Mass Notifications

Connect directly to your existing access control systems so that you can respond to alarms and trigger mass notifications without switching applications.

Accurate Event Data

Alarm event data is automatically attached to the corresponding incident report for a more accurate record of what happened.

Security Operations Management Software also Includes:

Connect your dispatchers directly to their officers with the Resolver Officer Mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Enable your dispatchers to message, share tasks details, and track officer locations in real-time. Officer Mobile provides your officers with tools to respond to critical events faster, follow procedure with ease, and document incidents directly on their mobile device.

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations from leading access control systems to surface alarms in a single system and automate responses to minimize data entry and provide operating procedures to ensure the right level of response.


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