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With consumers being increasingly online, Pharma companies need to keep track of their digital spaces and stay compliant to regulations. Finding an effective solution not only keeps you compliant and aware but gives you the time to concentrate on building effective and engaging online campaigns.

“Monitoring and moderating two-way conversations was a barrier. Resolver encourages our company to use and benefit from social media.”

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Be vigilant, aligned, and compliant

100% SLA events reporting

Ensure compliance with our 100% SLA for detecting adverse events, triple-checked by analysts for accuracy. Timely reporting prevents financial penalties and is supported by a time-stamped audit trail. Quickly implement pharma-specific risk categories – all with our 100% guaranteed detection of adverse events.

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Effortlessly align your social campaigns with industry regulations

Resolver empowers internal teams to freely curate compliant branded marketing. Our vigilant monitoring also addresses often overlooked concerns and adheres to industry regulations by removing personal health information related to adverse events.

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Experts in evolving pharma compliance

Leverage our industry-leading team (with a minimum 3-year experience in pharmaceutical compliance) and benefit from tailored reporting to aid pharmacovigilance. Our advanced technology extends monitoring to diverse social media channels and custom environments like native chatbots.

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