Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Resolver’s Corporate Security Software provides protection, counterfeit prevention and incident response software to improve security operations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Protect Your People, Product and Reputation

Resolver’s Security and Risk Management Software has helped industry-leading organizations increase visibility into data and reduce security incidents by 23% to improve brand perception, build customer trust, and generate higher product demand.

Protect your brand

Mitigate and reduce issues related to counterfeit drugs, theft, insider threats, and supply chain using standardized process workflows, better visibility into incident data, and robust corporate brand reporting.

Prevent counterfeit drugs and theft

Collect data about seized products, conduct counterfeit testing and sampling, identify high risk locations based on theft volumes, and conduct site audits to ensure controls are in place.

Improve supply chain security

Link incidents to individuals and facilities, track product and transportation activity throughout the supply chain, and report on risks and incidents for supplier facilities and distribution hubs.

Protect IP & avoid insider threats

Create prevention policies, provide a portal for employees to report suspicious behavior, collect data on incidents and suspects, and visualize your data to find behavior patterns.

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Incident Management and Investigations Software for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Simple Submissions

Reduce Unreported Incidents

  • Embed incident reporting responsibilities and governance at the local level
  • Improve front-line reporting by local employees including security teams, EHS staff, facilities managers and general staff
  • Make it easy for employees to report incidents with Resolver’s simple submission portal
  • Get an accurate picture of all incidents in the organization so you can implement proper controls based on comprehensive data
Reduce Unreported Incidents screenshot
Find Relationships

Analyze High Risk Assets And Root Causes

  • Central incident reporting. Get data out of employees’ heads, spreadsheets, and paper reports, and make it visible to the entire security team
  • Help your team understand low-level and high-profile incidents and the relationship between them across all global locations
  • Analyze your data to find relationships between incidents, facilities, assets, employees, and more
Analyze High Risk Assets And Root Causes screenshot
Standardized Data Collection

Convert Data Into Actionable Insights

  • Filter through large data sets quickly and easily to find relevant and contextualized insight
  • Create pre-built or custom reports and dashboards to provide transparency to the Board
  • Be confident in the quality and accuracy of your data because you have a globally centralized system that standardizes the data collected
Convert Data Into Actionable Insights screenshot
Improve Efficiency

Eliminate Administrative And Process Standardization Burden

  • Reduce your security team’s administrative burden and spend more time on strategic activities
  • Establish governance and improve task efficiency by building workflows based on industry best practices
  • Standardize operations across global locations with common terminology and business
Eliminate Administrative And Process Standardization Burden screenshot
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