The strategic way to manage risk across the enterprise


An Integrated View of Risk Management

Effective risk management ties together all key business functions to help the risk team protect the organization, but if a business has multiple business owners across various locations, collecting and analyzing that data can be overwhelming. Resolver’s Risk Management Software enables risk managers to view all of their risks on a single platform, making it easier to provide data-driven recommendations that can impact the bottom line.


Increase End-User Adoption & Gain Valuable Insight

Quality reports require two things: good quality data and a flexible reporting engine. By making it simple for end-users to use, Resolver’s Risk Management Software gives you a complete view of all of your information in one place so that you easily create the reports you need to make the right information available to the right people at the right time. Understand your risk and make data-driven decisions.


Improved Processes

Resolver’s intuitive interface makes it simple for users to interact with the system to provide superior quality information on a timely basis. By sharing risk and control data across the enterprise and between divisions, risk managers are able to disseminate best practices and improve internal process.


Highly Configurable

Effective enterprise or operational risk management is dynamic, iterative and responsive to change. You need a system that can adapt with you. Resolver’s Risk Management Software is easy to configure and administer without expensive coding so that you can adapt the system to your business – not the other way around.

Risk Management Software for Your Entire Team

Identify risks

Risk managers and owners can easily manage their risk environment by adding, updating and describing risks that might impact the achievement of organizational goals, including possible causes and consequences.

Assess and treat

Easily capture and document risk assessments across all functions or business units, with automated workflows to notify risk owners when an evaluation is due or pending.

Monitor, review and analyze

Set risk tolerances globally or locally and send automated alerts to risk managers and owners when a KRI has been breached. Real-time reports, dashboards, and metric monitoring provide instant visibility into the organization’s risk environment.

Act on issues

Activate mitigation plans when an issue has been identified including assigning a task owner, managing progress and due dates. Understand the issues across business units, regions, departments or products, to easily identify the root cause and prioritize decision making.

Risk Management Software to Help You With:

Resolver’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) application is aligned to internationally recognized frameworks, including ISO 31000 and COSO ERM, to standardize risk management. With consistency across the entire organization and simplified processes, you’ll enable a risk culture that delivers actionable data and insight.

Resolver’s powerful Operational Risk Management (ORM) application helps financial institutions and financial services manage risk control self-assessments, loss events and key metric monitoring for efficient, data-driven risk management.


"Resolver was able to transform the way we looked at ERM. Our program seemed like a watered-down version of what it was supposed to be. We used Excel, met with risk owners and conducted quarterly risk assessments. Because Resolver software is so flexible, we were able to visualize how we wanted ERM to function and then configure the solution to help us accomplish that. We recreated everything from the ground up and refined our process."


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