Enterprise Risk Management

Understand the interconnectedness of your risk and the effectiveness of your controls with Resolver's integrated risk management software.

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One Platform for Your Risk Intelligence


Comprehensive Risk Registers

Break down organizational siloes and run all your sub-functions from a single risk intelligence platform for a comprehensive understanding of your risk landscape. Compliance, internal audit, and internal control teams all easily access and use consolidated risk data in one central, integrated enterprise risk management software solution.


Adoption & Integration

Remove the need to manually copy data from one system to another with simple processes and software integrations that drive adoption. Risk teams have enough on their plates. Figuring out how to use a new risk management tool should not be one of them. Our intuitive user interfaces and cloud-based platform mean your organization can jump in quickly.


Best Practices

Start strong with a solid foundation of best practices in risk management, such as COSO, built into our ERM solution. From that base, it’s time to jump off and tailor your experience to your needs with our highly skilled teams and one-to-one implementation approach guiding you to business value every step of the way.


Workflow Management

Trade-offs between attention to detail and balancing time management need not be an issue. Automated workflows save your Risk, Compliance, and Audit teams valuable hours while reducing the chance for errors and freeing resources for deeper risk intelligence activities.


Business Intelligence

Seeing your data and understanding it is one thing. Sharing it in a language that everyone can understand? That’s vital. Resolver’s Enterprise Risk Management software solution comes with a comprehensive list of the dashboards, reports, and visualizations you need, all with one-click access. According to Forrester’s TEI study, Resolver improves executive reporting efficiency by 95%!

Build Your Risk Intelligence

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Enterprise Risk Management

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Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

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Ensure audits are data-informed and performed based on where risk is present in your organization rather than on a rotating schedule. Our application streamlines internal audit processes through workflow, timed reminders, and ease of use for audit clients.

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Save time by monitoring all regulatory compliance activities, providing insights into key risk areas, and then focusing resources on addressing regulatory concerns.

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Resolver’s powerful Investigations & Case Management Software gives your team the complete picture to find the links between your investigations and the incidents you track to ensure proper management of your organization’s security risks.