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Resolver’s Threat Protection Software provides advanced solutions for contemporary security challenges, offering a comprehensive suite for threat management. In just 15 minutes, discover how you can leverage:

Streamlined threat analysis and assessment

Resolver simplifies threat intelligence gathering and analysis, enabling quick, informed decision-making for threat management. Collect and consolidate threat intel from internal and external sources such as open-source intelligence feeds, access control systems, data exfiltration monitors, and employee comms or reporting tools.

Robust pre-incident indicators and threat actor profiling

Our software detects early warning signs so you can reliably identify pre-incident indicators before they materialize into costly events. Rapidly enrich a threat actor profile using best-in-class threat methodologies for more consistent and unbiased threat assessments. Launch persons-of-interest investigations using readily available information in context, facilitating preemptive action.

Workflow automation for timely threat response

Leverage playbooks and workflow automatons to ensure threat intelligence drives appropriate and timely action.

Dashboards for threat and performance reporting

Resolver’s dashboards provide at-a-glance metrics so you can track and analyze performance and program impact, supporting continuous improvement of security operations.

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