Threat Protection

Identify and mitigate threats before they materialize into costly incidents by managing threat intelligence from any source with actionable follow-up.

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We Connect The Dots So You Can See The Risk


Leading Indicators

Collect, tag, and link threat intelligence from internal and external sources.

Analyze the data — in context — to maximize the likelihood of early discovery and mitigate risks before before they materialize into costly and avoidable incidents, giving you stronger threat protection.

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End-To-End Threat Management

Stop using disconnected solutions for threat detection and management. Stay ahead of threats with improved end-to-end threat management. Identify, investigate and assess threat signals and coordinate fast, effective, and unified responses that mitigate risks.

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Threat Intelligence Picture

Easily collect, link, and track critical investigation data to efficiently evaluate threats. Free up teams to perform comprehensive assessments and build accurate risk profiles with pre-built easy-to-use templates.

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Persons of Interest

Concerned about an individual? Resolver pulls data from public records systems, OSINT data, and your internal systems to allow for instantaneous person-level enrichment to increase your POI threat protection.

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Data Partners


Crisp combines market-leading threat detection and identification systems with a team of experienced, highly trained threat analysts to deliver high-priority actionable alerts within 30 minutes — with a 99.9% accuracy guarantee.

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LifeRaft Navigator

Monitors the internet 24/7 with custom search criteria to detect high-risk threats to your people, assets, and operations from diversified sources.

Allows you to plot threat intelligence, weather and physical security devices along with your people and assets to create one common operating picture.

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

Process Automation
Data Warehousing
Workflow Automation
Automated Reporting
Risk Intelligence Software

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Security Risk Management Software

Equip your teams with the tools to perform risk profiling against their key locations and assets. Manage risk proactively to prevent incidents from occurring and reduce the impact of incidents when they occur.

Incident Management Software

Protect your organization and prove your security team’s value with Resolver’s Incident Management application. Improve data capture, increase operational efficiency, and generate actionable insights, so you can stop chasing incidents and start getting ahead of them.

Investigations & Case Management Software

Resolver's powerful Investigations & Case Management Software gives your team the complete picture to find the links between your investigations and the incidents you track to ensure proper management of your organization's security risks.

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