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Discover how Resolver improves compliance testing efficiency by 75%, helping your organization avoid over $1.4M in regulatory fines

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Maximize compliance, minimize effort: Discover the efficiency of Resolver’s Compliance Management Software. Protect your organization from over $1.4M in fines and boost compliance testing efficiency by 75%. In just 15 minutes, see how Resolver can transform your compliance management efforts:

Stay fully informed with a comprehensive regulatory inventory

Create a detailed inventory of your compliance obligations, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Resolver’s software organizes and tracks every regulatory requirement, ensuring you’re always ahead.

Get ahead of changes with timely regulatory updates

Receive detailed, real-time notifications of regulatory changes and associated risks. Receive detailed notifications of regulatory changes and associated risks. Instantly inform all relevant parties of changes, the potential impacts, and the next steps. Learn how our system keeps you ahead with automated alerts and actionable insights on regulatory changes.

Experience seamless integration with policy and regulation mapping

Map policies to regulations, risks, and controls to proactively identify potential gaps or blind spots. See the power of connecting policies with regulations, ensuring comprehensive risk management and compliance.

Target your efforts with compliance risk assessments

Conduct thorough compliance risk assessments to pinpoint your main concerns. Assess and score compliance across different departments, processes, and locations. Experience how Resolver helps you identify, assess, and prioritize compliance risks effectively.

Get instant insights with real-time compliance metrics

Provide real-time metrics on coverage, assessments, risk exposure, and control effectiveness with easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. Get a glimpse of our dynamic dashboards and reports that offer instant insights into your compliance status.

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