Manufacturing Plant Security Software

Enhance plant safety and operational efficiency with our flexible corporate security software for manufacturing environments. Prevent workplace violence, safeguard IP, and reduce incidents of theft and sabotage.

Manufacturing Plant Security Software

Organizations using Resolver's Corporate Security solutions experience

40% Reduction of incident losses
48% Boost to operational efficiency
33% Reduction of unreported incidents

Navigating Security Challenges in Modern Manufacturing

High-Risk Employee and Access Control Management

Intellectual Property and Asset Protection

Exposed Machinery and Equipment Loss

Theft of Materials & Finished Goods

Drive Operational Efficiency with Enhanced Facility Security

Resolver has helped leading organizations decrease unreported incidents by 33%. Let us provide your manufacturing site with the essential data and tools to identify and mitigate risks promptly.

Safeguard Against Sabotage

Shield your operations from costly downtime. Complete swift vulnerability assessments, control gap identification, and drive remediation. Prevent incidents of sabotage while keeping your production line safe and operational.

Prevent Theft, Protect Profit

Resolver’s built-in AI uncovers connections between incidents, individuals, assets, and locations to help you detect and prevent theft. Secure your business’s hard-earned success by identifying vulnerabilities and bad actors before they impact your profits.

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Safeguard your competitive edge. Protect your IP with our centralized data platform that enhances team coordination and communication, and minimizes susceptibility to counterfeit risks.

Reduce Workplace Violence

Create a safer workplace and boost staff productivity and confidence by getting ahead of incidents of workplace violence. Proactively mitigate threats with our combination of award-winning software and expert threat management services.

Discover Resolver's Impact on Manufacturing Plant Security

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Take Control of Your Manufacturing Facility Safety


Collaboration Across Teams

Security, HR, Facilities, Legal, and EH&S need to synchronize their efforts to optimize the protection of their people and company assets. Bridge the gap between departments with our manufacturing plant security software’s integrated communication capabilities. Share critical security data and insights in real-time to help reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

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Incident Management

Transform the way you handle security incidents with our intuitive incident management system. Resolver simplifies the reporting process, making it accessible and efficient for teams to log and track incidents. With AI-enabled tagging and enrichment, your team can quickly understand the root causes and respond effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety.

Learn more about our Incident Management application.

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Threat Protection

Detect, investigate, and mitigate threats with our combination of expert services and award-winning software. Our manufacturing plant security software helps you to identify potential threats proactively, helping you prevent workplace violence, safeguard IP, and reduce business disruptions.

Learn more about our Threat Protection application.

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Security Vulnerabilities

Complete tailored security risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities at manufacturing facilities and prioritize action plans efficiently. Use data to win investment for the controls required to reduce risk and keep production running smoothly.

Learn more about our Security Risk Management application.

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Your Impact with Data-Driven Security Insights

Easily showcase the quantifiable and qualitative benefits of refined security processes using customized dashboards displaying real-time data. Highlight significant savings from averting shutdowns and theft, optimizing operations, and protecting intellectual property.

Your Impact with Data-Driven Security Insights screenshot
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