Healthcare Incident Reporting Software

Empower your physical security & investigative teams with cutting-edge software designed to streamline incident management, optimize security operations, & fortify hospitals against threats, theft, & workplace violence.

Healthcare Incident Reporting Software

Addressing Complex Security Challenges in Healthcare Settings

Theft of Drugs and Equipment

Workplace Violence Prevention

Incident Response Optimization

Advanced Security Solutions for Safer Hospitals

Invest in the safety of your staff, patients, and visitors with our integrated security platform. Join leading healthcare organizations reducing incident rates by 23% with Resolver.

Reduce Workplace Violence

Stay one step ahead of common healthcare industry threats and safeguard your workforce with our award-winning incident reporting software, complemented by expert threat assessment services.

Prevent Theft

Resolver’s built-in AI uncovers connections between incidents, individuals, assets, and locations to help you identify vulnerabilities to reduce theft of medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

Comply with Hospital Regulations & Accrediting Associations

Ensure your hospital remains in strict compliance with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, while meeting the standards of the Joint Commission with Resolver’s suite of compliance and case management solutions.

Enhance Security Operations

Increase the effectiveness of security operations and incident response with improved situational awareness and seamless communication between dispatchers and officers.

Join Healthcare Leaders Enhancing Safety with Proactive Security Measures

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A Comprehensive Security Solution Optimized for Hospitals


Team Collaboration for Effective Security

Security, HR, Facilities, Legal, EH&S, and Healthcare staff must collaborate to enhance protection for staff, patients, and visitors. Resolver consolidates data and facilitates interdepartmental collaboration to reduce incident frequency and severity.

Team Collaboration for Effective Security screenshot

Incident Management

Resolver’s accessible reporting channels, integrations, and automated data collection make incident reporting easy. This enables teams to gather all necessary information for accurate assessment, management, and mitigation of security risks, ultimately helping meet Joint Commission requirements.

Learn more about our Incident Management application.

Incident Management  screenshot

Security Operations for Rapid Response

Identify and respond to security incidents with precision and speed. Effectively monitor guard locations, attach SOPs to each dispatch request, and receive instant updates, boosting hospital awareness and instilling confidence in incidence response.

Explore our Command Center security dispatch features.

Security Operations for Rapid Response screenshot

Threat Protection

Detect, investigate, and mitigate threats with our award-winning software which incorporates easy-to-use threat assessment methodologies. Let our expert team train your organization to reduce incidents of workplace violence. 

Learn more about our Threat Protection application.

Threat Protection screenshot

Your Impact with Data-Driven Security Insights

Easily showcase the quantifiable and qualitative benefits of enhanced security measures and their impact on incidents of workplace violence, theft, and hospital disruptions, using our customizable dashboards displaying real-time data.

Your Impact with Data-Driven Security Insights screenshot
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