How Resolver Helps LHSC Prepare and Organize Their Security Team


Security Officers & Personnel

Incident activities per year

It operates three hospital facilities including University Hospital, Victoria Hospital and Children’s Hospital as well as South Street Hospital; the oldest predecessor dating back to 1875.

The center has 10,000 employees, not including volunteers or physicians which brings the number of people working at the hospital closer to 15,000. Ten facilities occupy 3.5 million square feet.

Security Operations

LHSC has a team of 70 front line security guards, supported by six administrators. Jeffrey Langford, the main user of Resolver, has been with the organization for 23 years. His first 13 years as a security guard, and the last 10 years in a leadership position within the department. LHSC started working with Resolver in 2008 and uses the system to track activities, incidents, for dispatching officers. Before using Resolver, the team was logging incidents into Excel from hand written notes. Each year the team enters 8,000 incidents per year.

Implementation Experience

“To be honest, it was a little rocky” states Jeff. “We didn’t have funding allotted to PPM to do the implementation. I came to Toronto for a training session in July 2007 but we didn’t get to start the implementing until 2008 so much of my learning was forgotten by the time we started implementing”.

That year Jeff put himself through efforts to configure the system and train the guards. His approach was to bring the guards into a classroom setting, and take them through a three-hour session.

Advice for Others looking to Implement?

“If you are planning to implement Resolver without help, which is perfectly feasible, make sure you do so soon after you receive product training” says Jeff. “In my situation, too much time past between my training and the training I was to provide the guards”.

Benefits of Using Resolver

“We have information at our fingertips” states Jeff, “employees, patients, visitors, known criminals. We can search for name, location and provide the information to the guards over radio. The guards know exactly who they are dealing with”. Statistics is also a key point with the system. “We are able to provide information to the Emergency Measures team, or Joint Health & Safety Committees”.

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is one of Canada’s largest acute-care teaching hospitals located in London, Ontario. It was formed in 1995 as a result of the merger of University Hospital and Victoria Hospital. In affiliation with the University of Western Ontario, it trains more than 1,800 medical and care professionals annually.

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