Intuitive GRC Software that Increases End-User Adoption

Risk Management

Enable risk owners to effortlessly submit risk assessments and share data across the entire enterprise with software aligned to globally accepted risk management principles including ISO 31000, Basel and COSO ERM. With Resolver’s GRC Software you can:

  • Produce meaningful board-ready reports
  • Gain access to real-time dashboards
  • Promote a risk culture through collaboration
  • Enable powerful automation

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Compliance Management

Maintain an efficient and comprehensive compliance program by ranking regulatory requirements based on the level of risk they pose to your organization, calculated using controls, impact, and the likelihood of occurrence. Our GRC software helps compliance teams:

  • Monitor critical compliance developments
  • Stay ahead of legal or regulatory issues
  • Reduce infractions/penalties and other costs of non-compliance

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Internal Audit Management

Gain an integrated view of key risks to your organization and the related assurance activities needed to support efficient and effective assurance planning and coverage. Our Internal Audit application uses a risk-based approach to help GRC teams:

  • Plan and manage audits more effectively
  • Track issues and ensure accountability
  • Provide assurance across the organization’s most significant risks

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Internal Control (SOX Compliance)

Develop and maintain a system of internal control across your organization’s objectives, critical processes, financial reporting and major initiatives. Our configurable GRC platform easily adapts to changing business needs and supports a risk-based approach to internal control to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your SOX program
  • Provide immediate visibility into testing efforts

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Business Continuity Management

Gain a complete picture of your organization’s operations. Unplanned incidents and threats will occur, our solution helps you:

  • Go beyond the 3-ring binders and spreadsheets
  • Bounce back faster from events
  • Become more resilient to these events

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