How a Leading Financial Services Company Transformed Corporate Security with Resolver

Since its inception, a leading digital bank and payments services company has been working to help people spend smarter, manage debt better, and save more for a brighter financial future. As the company expanded and grew to multiple locations across the continental U.S., the need for scalable and standardized corporate security and incident management became increasingly crucial. The company’s Investigation Reporting Program Manager (IRPM) generously shared insights into overcoming corporate security challenges and transforming their incident data collection and security management program by implementing Resolver.

The Situation: Navigating Corporate Security Chaos

  • Decentralized Reporting: The organization grappled with decentralized incident reporting, causing scattered data in different formats like Word and Excel.
  • Data Fragmentation: Manual approaches to incident capture created data fragmentation, challenging data accuracy, incident tracking, and timely responses.
  • Ownership Challenges: The lack of centralization muddled incident ownership and accountability, impacting incident management efficiency.

The financial services organization faced common challenges in corporate security and incident reporting, ordinary issues that we at Resolver hear all the time. The absence of a case management system and standardization led to each location using its own Word or Excel documents to capture incident data manually. Manual systems also resulted in confusion regarding incident ownership and accountability. The team knew that they needed to centralize incident reporting, automate workflows, and streamline the entire process to handle and prevent incidents effectively.

Our Solution & Approach: Centralized Incident Data & Management

Looking back on the migration from Perspective, an earlier iteration of Resolver’s incident management system, the program manager describes it as a journey with a strong focus on standardization. Having experienced the challenges of utilizing multiple locations’ own Word or Excel documents for incident data, the organization recognized the need for a centralized system. They decided to adopt Resolver’s software solution to enhance standardization.

The program manager took charge of implementing the system and driving its adoption. The team emphasized the importance of consolidating information into a central system and rallied others to support this idea. The goal was clear: To leverage the power of a unified data record. They understood that the success of this endeavor hinged on the quality of the incident data inputted, ensuring it aligned with expectations and the leadership’s vision at that time. Maintaining data integrity became a top priority in their security culture.

With Resolver, the focus was on achieving standardization and establishing an efficient workflow process that involved multiple teams. “These stakeholders extend beyond the boundaries of the security team,” the program manager remarks, highlighting cross-functional accountability for both receiving and taking action based on the data.

“Our challenge was to garner their wholehearted support, emphasizing that the pursuit of improved data quality would yield benefits not only for us but for them as well. Ultimately, this collective effort serves the organization and aligns with our mission. Securing cross-functional buy-in was pivotal during the initial stages of our journey.”

The Results: Easy, Repeatable Security Success

The implementation of Resolver brought remarkable improvements to the organization’s corporate security and incident management operations:

Enhanced Efficiency: Resolver’s task-based system streamlined incident reporting and ownership of action plans. “Efficiency gains were probably the biggest step in the right direction. It’s made my life a lot easier, for sure.” With Resolver, the team no longer had to chase down emails or individuals; tasks were assigned and tracked seamlessly.

Ease of Use and Onboarding: Resolver’s user-friendly interface and dropdown variables ensured quick and efficient onboarding for new employees. The IPRM emphasizes the importance of user experience, stating, “Making a security report or documenting a security incident needs to be quick. It needs to be efficient. The use of dropdown set variables is critical for that ease.”

Repeatable Success: The true success of Resolver became evident through repeated instances of effective incident handling and corrective action. The IPRM’s “a-ha moment” was witnessing these results consistently. “To see that repeated over and over was my a-ha moment—that people actually get it right.”

Customer Success and Collaboration: The program manager further emphasizes the collaborative nature of working with Resolver’s team, including the developers, solution engineers, and the customer success manager. This collaborative effort enables the team to present the roadmap to their leadership and advocate for the trajectory they believe will benefit the organization.


The organization successfully overcame corporate security challenges and transformed incident management through the implementation of Resolver. The migration resulted in improved operational efficiency, ease of use, and the ability to achieve positive outcomes in incident handling consistently. Resolver’s solution has empowered the organization to ensure the safety and security of its customers and employees, aligning with its mission of achieving a brighter future.

“What I love about Resolver is the camaraderie and teamwork between myself, the developers, solution engineers, and my customer success manager. Even the platform’s roadmap is communicated to me, playing a crucial role. I can take that roadmap and present it to my leadership, showing them the trajectory that I believe would benefit us. “

Our contact further explains, “Resolver enables us to function as a cohesive team rather than separate individuals or clients. That joint effort and collaboration are what make Resolver truly special.”

By implementing Resolver, the organization has not only addressed its corporate security challenges but also created a standardized and efficient incident management system. With the support of Resolver’s team, the organization continues to improve its processes, ensuring the safety of its customers and aligning with its mission of providing a brighter future.

This leading US financial services company specializes in digital banking and payment solutions, with a mission to empower individuals for financial success. Offering a wide range of banking and credit products, it aids clients in achieving financial goals, from credit-building to debt consolidation. Its global payment networks streamline transactions between banks, cardmembers, and merchants. Committed to exceptional customer service, the company prioritizes top-notch customer care. Its corporate responsibility ethos includes a focus on making a positive impact in the communities they serve.

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