Take a data driven approach to security risks

Leading corporate security departments are using a proactive, risk-based ESRM approach to better align security activity and budgets to the objectives of the business. Resolver’s Security Risk Management software supports your ESRM program and site assessments so you can quickly identify gaps in the business’ defenses and better prioritize spend on countermeasures to hedge against emerging risks such as COVID-19.


Track Assets & Risks

Track the actual and perceived value of assets, identify critical assets, and easily produce a risk register with related incident metrics for live KPIs and early indicators of emerging or growing risks.


Manage Corrective Actions

Easily monitor corrective actions with a consolidated view of identified issues filed during assessments, audits, and investigations. Ensure corrective actions are addressed by the appropriate stakeholders in a timely manner.


Prove the ROI of Security

Connect your incident data to risks. Uncover leading indicators of incidents that typically have a small impact but create vulnerabilities that would have a much larger impact. Optimize your limited resources by controlling the incidents that would cause the greatest risk and impact on your organization.


Measure Business Impact of Your Team to the Organization

Capture all forms of incident reporting and loss events in a single platform to build a central database that aids investigations and measures the impact of your security team in reducing incidents.

Security Risk Management Software For Your Entire Team

Integrate with Incident and Investigations Reporting

Capture all forms of incident reporting through a common platform and build one database of incidents to aid investigations.

Location-Based Asset Planning

Identify critical assets at each location to ensure they are protected with the right level of controls and security investments based on the risk appetite of the owners.


Easily report on audit progress and track your facilities’ audit scores over time. Analyze the effectiveness of security policies across locations.

Web and Mobile-Enabled

Complete forms and checklists from any location on any web-enabled mobile device or tablet.

Workflow and Approvals

Automate any process including submission, approval and corrective action assignment.

Security Risk Management Software to Help You:

Conduct COVID-19 related site assessments to help your team manage the return to workplace. Transform your COVID-19 guidelines into actionable checklists to help your team perform effective site audits to ensure that all of your bases are covered and that your team is protected.

Resolver incorporates globally established risk principles to guide you through the ESRM process step-by-step, and supports the overarching ERM, ORM, and IRM models. Help your security team establish a clear understanding organization-wide of the impacts of security incidents with heatmaps and reports.

Proactively identify gaps in controls and assign corrective actions so you can prevent major loss or critical incidents from occurring. Easily monitor and report on audit progress in real-time, complete forms and checklists from any web-enabled device and automate workflows and approval processes for greater efficiency.


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