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Past Events

Industry Event

Making reporting channels easy to use and accessible to employees is essential for ensuring that incidents get reported and that risks don’t go unchecked. Hotlines are particularly effective because

Product Showcase

Join us to get a quick 15-minute walk through of Resolver’s Compliance Management application from a user’s perspective – all platform, no selling. 

Webinars & Video

A live scenario analysis exercise focused on employee attrition, to help you identify the potential impact on your organization and give you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions.

Webinars & Video

Join Resolver and ASIS as we discuss practical strategies to help shift the security mindset in your organization.

Product Showcase

At a time when effective risk management is most important, join Resolver for a quick 15-minute walkthrough of how to enable better Enterprise Risk Management in a remote world.

Webinars & Video

Join RIMS, Resolver and industry experts for a panel discussion about the process of developing risk metrics and giving actionable examples from industry-leading risk teams.