How University of Calgary Uses Resolver to Streamline Security Operations for Campus Safety

Effective data collection can make the difference between impactful risk management and disaster. This is especially true when the information that you are collecting directly relates to the safety of thousands of students, staff and faculty. To learn more about how the University of Calgary has been able to effectively collect and measure data, and ultimately influence their community, Resolver spoke with customer Robert (Bob) King, Patrol Supervisor with Campus Security.

During his ongoing 25-year term at UCalgary, Bob has worked in roles that impact the operations section of the university’s campus security department. He is responsible for presenting crime information statistics for the institution.

People Protected

Security personnel using Resolver

The Challenge: Outdated Data Collection Practices

“We had an antiquated way of collecting and managing data,” he says. “Our security team would create handwritten reports, submit them and wait until the information was manually put into a rudimentary database by a clerk.”

Bob and his team knew that this was neither efficient nor a scalable and repeatable practice that would allow them to be more strategic in their roles.  “As the university grew, there was a lot more activity on campus and thus, more reported incidents. We decided that we needed a self-contained database that could not only store information, but that we could also query and access all the relevant details instantly.”

The 50-person security team at UCalgary protects more than 50,000 people every day. Without a more streamlined approach, the team was struggling to capture accurate information that would allow them to act faster and resolve incidents more effectively.

The Solution: Information at the Touch of a Button

Using Resolver, the Campus Security team has created a custom shift report that makes information available as soon as it is reported using the built-in report generator.

The software automatically captures activity and incident information and formats and presents it in a mobile-friendly way. Users need only to focus on recording activities that occur during their shifts. “For years, our people were playing catch-up when they come in to start their shifts. With these reports, they are already a step ahead from the start.”

“We now have a more consistent way of doing things,” says Bob. “The form looks the same every time, and that really streamlines how we disseminate information.”

The data collected from the team’s fieldwork also helps streamline communications between Campus Security and executive decision-makers on campus. The information that they have been able to consolidate and report through the Resolver tool has contributed to more informed and effective budget decisions.

Resolver for Educational Institutions: Protecting What Matters

When your business is people, there can’t be any shortcuts. Resolver helps world-class educational institutions reduce the frequency and severity of events impacting their organization. With powerful incident reporting and comprehensive views across the organization, students can rest easy knowing that you’ve got them covered.

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top comprehensive public research universities, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1966, UCalgary serves more than 30,000 students through 14 faculties and houses more than 50 research institutes and centres. Approximately 5,000 faculty and staff make UCalgary one of the region’s largest employers, contributing nearly $8 billion annually to the provincial economy.

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