Say goodbye to spreadsheet overload

Comprehensive dashboards make it easy to track issues and ensure accountability for issue owners to develop action plans and ensure appropriate controls are in place for audit-identified critical areas.

Real-time assurance against critical risks

Resolver’s Internal Audit Management software is integrated with enterprise risk assessments, updated in real time, and enables insight into risks the organization is facing now rather than static plan based on months old data.

  • Effectively focus audit investigations using historical trend data to uncover high risk areas using risk-based, agile audit processes.
  • Reduce exposure on unchecked risk by reporting on coverage across your auditable entities against real-time risk assessments and audit results to determine if there is any unmitigated exposure.

Improve accuracy of audit committee deliverables

Use Internal Audit and Internal Controls Management software to eliminate version control, consolidation and duplication issues caused by siloed processes.

  • Increase consistency across teams by centralizing management of complete audit universe, including auditable entities, operational audits, processes, risks, controls, tests, IT applications, issues across every audit team.
  • Manage multiple overlapping and parallel projects including the ability for several auditors to access different segments of the same audit simultaneously.
  • Avoid recreating audits from scratch by building, maintaining and reusing a library of audit procedures, practices, document requests and suggested evidence.

Increase audit efficiency by automating processes

Easily configure the software to precisely reflect your current process or use out-of-the-box industry best practice templates for audit planning, audit projects, testing documentation, issue workpapers and audit reports.

  • Automate audit workflows from planning to review to complete as well as issue management from in progress to overdue to complete.
  • Automatically track issues and accountability including who is the owner, what types of issues will be tracked, the scope, the required follow up, who will review issues, how often they need to be reviewed and track progress of task completion.

Improve audit client engagement and response time

Resolver’s Internal Audit and Internal Controls Management software reduces audit fatigue for audit clients.

  • Remove the need for extensive user training with an intuitive user experience and built-in guidance.
  • Eliminate multiple requests for the same documentation and evidence from multiple teams.
  • Prioritize the most important audits and reduce the number of trivial requests.
  • Personal task tracking with automatic reminders and alerts.

Insight and analytics

Our software supports one-click PDF Final Audit Report generation to save you hours of copying, pasting and formatting without losing changes in version control.

  • Save weeks on report preparation by accessing pre-built reporting dashboards for Audit Committee and audit clients.
  • Comprehensive Audit Committee dashboards with drill down and filter capabilities including audit ratings, audit % completion, issue status, action plan completion.

Audit Management and SOX Compliance Software for Your Entire Team

Centralized Audit Universe

Resolver’s audit universe allows you to create a repository of financial audits, operational audits, processes, risks, controls, test procedures, IT applications, issues, and corrective actions in the backdrop of your own unique organization structure and auditable entities.

Standardized Audit Templates

Leverage Resolver’s standard save-as-you-go audit templates with embedded IPPF performance standards that cover planning, fieldwork, testing, review and audit report steps to ensure consistency and completeness across all audits. Capture in depth details around process, testing, procedures and issues using Resolver’s rich text field narratives.

Intuitive Audit Client Portal

Resolver’s Audit Client Portal allows your audit team to communicate with the business on pertinent information surrounding processes, controls, documentation requests, issues, and corrective actions that you have assigned to them using workflows, @tagging and completion reminders.

Process Documentation Updates

Enable process or control owners to easily review and update narratives as well as attach diagrams and policies.

Editable Risk and Control Matrix

Quickly update changes to risks and controls using Resolver’s online editable grid view across your critical processes.

Interim and Rollforward Testing

Assign a testing team and determine key dates for activities. Gain access to a control testing procedures library. Conclude on control design and operating effectiveness, identify issues for remediation and flag controls for roll-forward testing, as needed.

Use Resolver's Software for:

Resolver’s Internal Audit Management Software uses an agile, risk-based approach to help audit and risk teams plan and manage audits more effectively. It provides an integrated view of key risks to the organization and the related assurance activities needed to support efficient and effective audit coverage.

Real-time risk assessment integration including in-app trending of risk performance over time, enables the agility in your audit team to ensure any unchecked emerging risks are captured and that any changes can be easily adapted to the audit plan.

Resolver’s configurable Internal Controls Management software supports a top-down, risk-based approach to scoping your internal controls effort. This means your audit effort will be efficient and focused upon the risks and controls that matter most. Information regarding status, results, evidence and assignments is all available instantly and flows seamlessly into quarterly reporting.

Develop, maintain and test design and operating effectiveness across your organization’s critical processes over financial reporting. Easily adapt to changing business needs, dramatically improve the efficiency of your internal controls program, and provide immediate visibility into your testing efforts.


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