Internal Audit Management

Risks won't wait for your next rotation. Resolver’s Internal Audit Management software shines the spotlight on emerging risks so you can tackle them as they surface.

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Risks change fast. We help audit teams move faster.


Single Audit Universe

When data is everything and teams are everywhere, a central hub is vital. Manage your complete audit universe in one Internal Audit Management software platform, including processes, risks, controls, and tests. All departments can share risk and audit data easily, increasing efficiency and engagement through a central source of truth.


Risk-Based Audit Plans

Stay one step ahead of risks, no matter how fast they change. View the latest risk exposure based on the most recent risk and audit data from across your enterprise. Use these insights to allocate resources to address the highest priority risks before they make an impact.


Best Practices

Reduce the chance of inaccurate risk assessments. Empower teams to consistently meet high standards with ready-made templates that have built-in IPPF performance standards, including coverage planning, fieldwork, testing, review, and audit report steps.


Workflow Management

Stop chasing evidence via emails and spreadsheets. Automated workflows, reminders, and alerts — built directly into our Internal Audit Management solution — increase efficiency by making communicating with stakeholders fast and frictionless.


First-Line Client Engagement

Increase collaboration with an intuitive portal that makes it easy for first-line clients to submit documents and review narratives and gain 30% audit process efficiency. With all information stored centrally within Resolver’s integrated risk intelligence platform, clients will be asked to submit data once and only once.


Real-Time Reports

Save weeks with one-click audit committee reports. Comprehensive automated dashboards provide simple visualizations and valuable insights to drive strategic business decisions. See the whole business in one snapshot, or use filters to drill down into the finer details.

Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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Benefits of Internal Audit Software

Agile Risk Management

Increased Audit Efficiency

Zero Audit Fatigue

Easy Reporting

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

Process Automation
Data Warehousing
Workflow Automation
Automated Reporting
Risk Intelligence

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