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How a National Financial Institution Uses Resolver to Make Data-Driven Decisions for Effective Security

The Challenge? Inefficient and Unreliable Manual Processes   

As one of America’s largest direct banking and payment services companies, this Financial Services Corporate Security Team has a lot of pieces to consider when it comes to protecting the people, places and assets vital to the organization. However, like many security teams operating without a software solution, the team often struggled to keep track of incidents and responses and had very little insight into trends.

The Investigations and Reporting Program Manager:  

  • Manages the complete lifecycle of incident response workflows
  • Quantifies the value of incidents by risk and reputational damage, and people/asset loss.
  • Governs the actions, rules and thresholds in place to restore normalcy after incidents have taken place. For example, what happens after they find a counterfeit check? That incident type has a dollar amount associated to it, as well as an owner. The owner needs to be notified as soon as it’s reported so that relevant information can be shared with appropriate stakeholders.
  • Handles the remediation to prevent additional incidents, as well as moves the incident through the process to make sure that all relevant parties are aware.

On the team level, they are looking for ways to prevent future occurrences and capturing and reporting all incidents so that they are prepared in advance if they get audited.

“We were using pen, paper and a radio. There was no real accountability for who was going where or for making sure that everything that needed to get done, was getting done. Notes weren’t being captured until the officers came back and documented the incident, and sometimes that didn’t even happen.”

Without a consistent way of keeping track of the incidents and events taking place across their various locations, the security team was unable to draw meaningful conclusions and were missing out on potential information that could negatively impact the organization.

They knew it was time to implement a more structured system to reduce the risk and decrease the frequency and severity of incidents in their organization.

In our business, protecting our customers and our employees is the highest priority. Nothing motivates a person towards violence more than their finances. We needed to proactively identify people, locations and behaviours that threaten our stakeholders. In addition to the other daily incidents we are concerned with – crime, fraud, insider threats, etc., we knew it was time to invest in a more effective way of managing our security efforts.

That’s when they found Resolver.

The Solution: A data-driven approach to security

Averaging approximately 130 officers, supervisors and business users a day, Resolver has become an integral part of the company’s security strategy.  Resolver’s incident reporting portal provides far superior visibility into the incidents occurring in the organization. The security team receives incident reports from general employees – either through named or anonymous reporting, global SOC employees, uniform services observations and regular patrols.

The team relies on real-time incident assessments for enabling them to understand where they are gaining efficiencies by tracking things that are measurable, relevant, or improvable, and then executing plans to capitalize on these insights.  

“Resolver has improved my team’s ability to identify and escalate gaps and vulnerabilities in the incident handling process to the responsible team or business owner within the organization.”  says the Investigations and Reporting Programs Manager.

The team uses root cause analyses capabilities in Resolver to proactively address gaps in their protection before incidents even occur.

Clearly there has been a reduction in incidents across the organization. With Resolver, we are operating at a ratio of 15:1 guard activity that results in an incident. A good benchmark is a 10:1 ratio, so we’ve had a 33% reduction in incidents vs. benchmark.

The team describes Resolver as the master administrator across all business units, including its Internal Investigations, Enterprise Security, and Dispatch teams. “Resolver ties all of these different systems together, from governance and compliance – to the boots on the ground. We have full insight across the board.

Resolver has helped them to focus their resources in the right places. By providing full insight into their efforts, Resolver allows for efficient deployment of resources as the incident response process unfolds, and for effective capture of actions after the fact.

With Resolver, we have total accountability, and utilization metrics on the officer force.” Resolver captures the work of its officers, adding much-needed visibility to its processes and enabling them to track its risk management metrics and activities. “That makes it easier for us to justify more bodies and resources when they’re needed.

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