Resolver Unveils Risk Intelligence Enhancements in 23.3 Release

Posted December 19, 2023

(Toronto, December 19, 2023) — Resolver, a leading innovator in Risk Intelligence solutions, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Resolver 23.3. This release introduces a host of powerful customer-centric features designed to enhance data-driven decision-making and boost operational efficiency.

Resolver is committed to empowering organizations with leading-edge tools to meet their risk and security management needs. This release will bring significant improvements to the daily operations of our Corporate Security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) customers, delivering on our mission of enabling businesses to move faster.

Key features in the Resolver 23.3 release:

1. Dashboards: In the Resolver 23.3 release, we’ve elevated our Dashboards, enriching the feature set for advanced data visualization for risk intelligence. With real-time insights and the ability to create custom, visually compelling strategic overviews, and operational summaries, Dashboards provide critical insights at your fingertips. Discover trends, outliers, and patterns in your data to make informed decisions and understand the impact of risks, regulatory obligations, incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities on your business objectives. [See: Corporate Security Dashboards and GRC Dashboards]

2. Document Management (Working Papers): We’re excited to introduce Microsoft Office Integration, allowing multiple users to collaboratively edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents within Resolver, all in real-time through the browser. Automatic saving and version tracking streamline review processes and offer a clear audit trail. Empower your audit teams to work collaboratively on working papers and files effortlessly.

3. Enhanced Mapping Capabilities: Replacing existing map functionality with Google Maps aims to resolve location discrepancies, expand coverage, and elevate the overall user experience. Expect more accurate and reliable mapping within the platform, which translates to improved incident reporting, risk assessment and planning, and more efficient operations.

4. Improved Design and UX Enhancements: Resolver users now get a more streamlined and visually appealing interface for easier risk management. Key improvements include a flexible display for tailored information viewing and simpler, color-coded data presentation for quick understanding. The addition of a “Dark Mode” provides a visually comfortable option, enhancing both the user experience and the platform’s modern aesthetic.

“We’re on a mission to empower our users with risk intelligence,” explains Resolver Product Manager Erin Peck. “By making our Dashboards tool easy to use and accessible to users at any level of data analysis skills, we’re offering our users the insights they need to proactively influence strategy and drive business value.”

About Resolver:

Resolver’s innovative Risk Intelligence platform empowers organizations to proactively manage risk, drive compliance, and improve overall corporate performance. With a customer-centric approach, Resolver partners with clients to provide industry-leading solutions that are easy to implement, integrate seamlessly with existing systems and deliver measurable results. Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context — revealing the true business impact within every risk. Its Risk Intelligence Platform traces the extended impact of all types of risks — whether compliance or audit, incidents or threats — and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics. Finally, instead of being disconnected from the business, risk becomes a key driver of opportunity. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nadine Araksi, Resolver