Resolver's Risk Intelligence Software Proven to Deliver 327% ROI According to Forrester TEI Study

Posted September 27, 2023

(Toronto, September 26, 2023) — Resolver, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions, is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting, a highly respected and independent research firm. The study reveals that organizations adopting Resolver’s risk intelligence software achieved a 327% Return on Investment (ROI) over three years.

Risk teams use Resolver’s no-code, integrated GRC platform to gain a centralized view of all data associated with their business objectives. The Forrester TEI study confirms Resolver’s mission and benefits align — helping organizations to move faster, spend less time chasing employees for data and information, and get a holistic view of the impact of risk across business units, activities, assets, objectives, and processes to take more informed and strategic action. Resolver’s integrations with parent company Kroll deliver unique-to-the-market, comprehensive risk management solutions. Customers can pick from any mix of software and services to begin, then configure them to their needs and scale as their business needs grow.

Forrester interviewed several Resolver clients to construct the study, identifying the benefits, risks, and outcomes they experienced while using Resolver’s enterprise risk, regulatory compliance, audit, and third-party and cyber risk solutions. Resolver customers reported improved engagement in risk programs, enhanced abilities to measure and manage risk, remarkable reporting and testing efficiencies, and better insights to make confident business decisions.

According to the study, the composite Resolver customer also experienced the following benefits in addition to achieving a 327% ROI:

  • 95% increase in reporting efficiency: Automated reporting boosts executive reporting efficiency and reduces the effort spent on quarterly data aggregation, analysis, and reporting.
  • 75% more streamlined compliance testing: Simplified control reporting makes it easier for control owners to report on control efficacy and for audit, risk, and compliance teams to review testing.
  • 30% increased audit efficiency: Thanks to Resolver’s central document repository, working papers, and consolidated reporting, risk and compliance teams are better prepared for audits.
  • $190K eliminated costs of fragmented GRC tools: Resolver replaces inefficient legacy tools and disjointed point solutions by integrating all GRC and Information Security needs on one platform.
  • $1.4M prevented regulatory penalties & reputation risk: Improved collaboration, data accuracy, risk analysis, and decision-making reduce the likelihood of regulatory fines.

In addition, the study highlights many qualitative benefits for organizations from using Resolver, such as:

  • Increased engagement: Businesses experience increased first-line engagement attributed to easier, automated communications and Resolver’s user-friendly interfaces.
  • Improved risk awareness and risk reduction: Consolidated risk data and granular reporting encourage risk reduction efforts to areas of highest priority and impact.
  • Better decision-making: Resolver GRC software enhances visibility into risks associated with opportunities, enabling more informed and strategic decision-making processes.

As per one of Resolver’s customers interviewed in the study:

“[Resolver] benefits our organization [because] it helps to break down silos. It creates the opportunity to have the same language… and have one source of truth.” – Director of ERM Operations, Banking

For more information and to download the full Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Resolver study conducted by Forrester Consulting, visit


About Resolver:

Resolver’s innovative Risk Intelligence platform empowers organizations to proactively manage risk, drive compliance, and improve overall corporate performance. With a customer-centric approach, Resolver partners with clients to provide industry-leading solutions that are easy to implement, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and deliver measurable results. Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context — revealing the true business impact within every risk. Its Risk Intelligence Platform traces the extended impact of all types of risks — whether compliance or audit, incidents or threats — and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics. Finally, instead of being disconnected from the business, risk becomes a key driver of opportunity. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence.

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