Resolver introduces end-to-end threat protection solution, with partners LifeRaft and

Posted September 8, 2022

Toronto, ON — September 8, 2022Resolver Inc., the leader in risk intelligence software, introduces a new Threat Protection application, helping busy security teams seeking better threat prevention to stay ahead of threats with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

Despite their desire to proactively get ahead of incidents, many security professionals have been frustrated by the inability to reliably identify and mitigate threats for a few reasons. The huge volume of signals generated by a large enterprise makes picking up on warning signs challenging.

Most security teams struggle to build strong profiles for potential threats quickly and are not trained in the application of threat assessment methodologies, and thus find it hard to assess threats at scale reliably. With many facing organizational siloed systems and diffusely-located teams, ensuring a timely and accurate threat response is difficult. Addressing vulnerabilities before an incident materializes requires organizational buy-in through detailed reporting and accurate measurement of the benefits and effectiveness of past programs.

“Resolver’s vision for security teams seeking Risk Intelligence has always been to enable our customers to transform from reactive to proactive programs that can reduce incidents and their subsequent impacts on the business,” Ryan Thiessen, VP of Security and Investigation Product explains. “With the launch of Threat Protection, we are helping customers add context to an exploding amount of information that sits siloed in different services and products (and, in most cases, their inboxes). As a result, security leaders have more visibility into the actions teams are taking against threats to protect the organization and prevent incidents from occurring.”

The phrase, “Foresight is better than hindsight,” summarizes a common pain point for many security leaders and their teams. Many incidents, such as violence, theft, doxing, data exfiltration, or attacks on company infrastructure, are largely binary in nature. The incident either happens or it doesn’t; the damage is done or avoided. While post-incident activities can shield you against legal implications and generate learnings that can reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence, they can’t turn back the clock and make the organization whole.

Resolver’s Threat Protection application connects threat intelligence from any source, enabling security teams to find connections across data sets and spot early warning signs. Resolver’s new offering is integrated with its market-leading incident and case management software to ensure threat teams can see the whole picture and respond to threats with greater consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. The inclusion of strategic integrations and partnerships makes it possible for security and risk teams to find critical signals from anywhere to validate threat alerts in one single source of truth with Resolver as their primary tool.

The launch of Resolver’s threat protection solution includes partnerships with LifeRaft and to create a best-in-class threat offering. With these new partnerships, identified threats are fed into Resolver’s investigation and case management software to allow for seamless prioritization, analysis, and resolution. Alerts, communications, and workflows can be customized to ensure threats are seen and addressed.

“Resolver is proud to be partnering with other leaders in the space,” says Thiessen. “We have always aimed to ensure that critical information, wherever it is detected or collected, can be consolidated to provide our customers with a complete picture of the risks threatening their business. Working with other like-minded organizations, we have been able to deliver a solution mixed with technology and services that will meet any organization’s goal — no matter if they are just starting to build out a threat program or looking to scale their programs globally.”

Additionally, Resolver can integrate with existing internal reporting systems (including hotline, email, and exception reports) to deliver unparalleled visibility to threat teams. With Resolver’s embedded IPaaS you can also integrate with any other third-party data feeds your organization subscribes to.

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About Resolver
Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context, revealing the true business impact within every risk. Its Risk Intelligence Platform traces the extended impact of all types of risk—whether compliance or audit, incidents or threats—and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics. So, customers can communicate risk persuasively, framing it in terms of the business. And with this changed perspective comes an entirely new role for risk to play. Finally, risk goes from being seen as a barrier to becoming a strategic partner driving the business. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence.

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TopoONE is a critical event management platform that enables 360-degree visibility of events. This partnership allows security teams to send incident and threat events from to Resolver to launch investigations and assessment workflows with a single click.

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About LifeRaft
Navigator is LifeRaft’s unified intelligence platform that combines the power of automated OSINT collection with intuitive investigation and alerting capabilities. Integrated with Resolver, you will be able to quickly perform identity resolution searches and enable targeted monitoring of identified persons of interest threatening your people, assets, and brands.

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