Resolver’s Top 5 Holiday Movies with a Security Twist

Nadine Araksi
Content Marketing Manager, Resolver
December 18, 2023 · READ

The holiday season offers more than festive cheer; it’s a time for classic films — and this year, we’re adding a twist through the lens of corporate security and protection! We’ve asked top security experts (A.K.A., Resolver customers, and our Resolverites) to share their favorite holiday movies that subtly (or not so subtly) touch on themes of security, risk, and protection. Our picks and insights for top holiday security movies may just change the way you watch these festive favorites!

Let’s explore a festive theme for security industry folks: What holiday security movies can teach us about physical security and keeping people, places, and assets safe over the “most wonderful time of the year.” 

The Resolver holiday (security) movie watchlist: 

1. Die Hard: A lesson in crisis management

Why we chose it: Ranked as a top holiday movie (though that sometimes starts a big December debate at Resolver) Die Hard doubles as a masterclass in building security. Beyond its action-packed narrative, Bruce Willis’s performance showcases strategic thinking in high-stakes situations, a cornerstone in security and risk management.

2. Home Alone: The unconventional home defense

Why we chose it:  A classic example of innovative security measures — albeit in a humorous and exaggerated manner — Home Alone humorously portrays the effectiveness of creative problem-solving in safeguarding locations. As a risk intelligence software company, we especially love the new Google Assistant commercial showing how Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin would do it all over again with new technology.

3. The Santa Clause: Elves to the rescue

Why we chose it: Praised for showcasing innovative rescue operations under pressure, The Santa Clause highlights quick thinking and resourcefulness, essential traits in any security operation.


4. Elf: Verifying identities and intentions

Why we chose it: Elf showcases Will Ferrell’s epic performance as Buddy the elf, as he leaves the North Pole to find his real dad in New York City. We love the scene where he manages to enter a high-security area without proper verification — in this case, the Empire State Building office of a cynical children’s book publishing executive played by James Caan. The scene reminds us of the critical importance of verifying the identity of all individuals entering your premises, regardless of how harmless they may seem. The security guard sure has a good time with it here, but we know that’s not always the case!

5. Jingle All the Way: Retail security challenges

Why we chose it: Aside from Arnold doing comedy, a favorite of our Gen-X Resolverites, Jingle All the Way perfectly captures the chaos and challenges of holiday retail. We love its light-hearted yet realistic portrayal of crowd management and loss prevention in retail settings, and every Christmas-celebrating parent knows the stress of trying to get the hot toy of the season.

Honorable mentions in holiday movie security lessons

In addition to our top picks, here are a few more festive flicks that deserve a shout-out for their unique takes on holiday themes intertwined with elements of security and risk:

  • Arthur Christmas: Highlights the importance of contingency planning when a present delivery goes awry. A fun take on the need for robust standard operating procedures, even in the most magical operations.
  • Klaus: Offers a lesson in community investment and the impact it can have on safety and security. A beautiful story showing how positive changes can transform a community.
  • Bad Santa: An unconventional look at the challenges faced by retail security during the holidays. (Warning: Don’t watch this with kids around!)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Illustrates the criticality of business continuity planning. Rudolph’s bright nose isn’t just for show; it’s a vital part of Santa’s crisis plan!
  • In Bruges: Not your typical holiday film, but its festive setting and exploration of themes like risk and redemption earn it a spot on our list.
  • Love, Actually: Imagine how heightened the security would be if the Prime Minister had top-notch executive protection — a different story, perhaps, but one that emphasizes the importance of security in high-profile lives.

We hope you enjoyed our take on a fun blend of holiday spirit and security insights. As you revisit these festive security movies (or see them for the first time), keep an eye out for the hidden lessons in corporate security and risk management. Happy holidays and safe viewing from Resolver! 

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