Resolverite Spotlight: Darren Reeves

July 16, 2019 · READ

This month’s Resolverite Spotlight is Darren Reeves from our Edmonton office! Darren, started working at Resolver in October 2018 as a Support Analyst and he was promoted to Support Team Lead team in April 2019 and his team supports our customers in Edmonton and New Zealand.

We have 5 Culture Critters based on our values, what’s your Resolver Culture Critter?

Darren: I am a Collaborative Camel!

Miriam: Awesome, collaboration is a big part of our culture.  How do you see that value align with your work?

Darren: Being able to coach and develop my team is so rewarding. They are always looking for ways to deliver the best service to our customers. I look to my team for suggestions to keep delivering better service to our customers. It’s also great being able to collaborate with other teams.

Miriam: How did you land at Resolver?

Darren: In 2016 I immigrated to Canada from Kansas and I worked a couple of jobs that didn’t align with my passion or my values. After my permanent residency process was complete, I started looking for a role in an organization that would give me the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. I stumbled across an Application Support role at Resolver and the posting really interested me. I did research on Resolver and really liked what I saw! The interview process was professional and well organized, which made the decision a no-brainer.

Miriam: What has been your favorite project at Resolver?

Darren: Rebooting the Edmonton Support team has been quite the adventure. I’m thankful to my manager Adam for giving me the opportunity to help shape the policies for the team. It’s been exciting to standardize and formalize most of our work.

Miriam: What’s the best thing about Resolver?

Darren: I really enjoy the culture — I love having the freedom and range of motion to try new things.  

Miriam: What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Resolver?

Darren: I went from knowing the basics, to being very knowledgeable on our product workflow. I’ve developed a training course around a specific workflow, and we’re getting ready to launch it to our first round of trainees!

Miriam: That is awesome, Darren, congrats! What is a piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start a career in Support?

Darren:   It’s important to be flexible with your interactions because every customer is different. The more adaptable you are, the more successful you will be in this role.

Miriam: What did you imagine you would do when you were little?

Darren: My passion has always been helping people. Whether it’s in a technical capacity or not. In high school, my dream was to be a guidance counselor — helping students plan out their future. In the Support role, I get a lot of gratification from seeing “the lightbulb” go off for someone when they understand the solution we’ve implemented.

Miriam: What’s next for you at Resolver?

Darren: I’m interested in continuing my growth within the Support department. I think there’s a lot I can accomplish for the team as we expand in numbers and knowledge.

Miriam: We were recently named #8 by Great Place to Work Canada in our category, companies with 100-999 people! What are 8 things you love about Resolver?


  1. My direct team is awesome to work with
  2. The remote teams are always easy to work with
  3. The downtown office is nice!
  4. Tons of social events to get everyone involved
  5. Celebrating Resolverite milestone anniversaries
  6. I love the career development program, especially for a company of our size, it’s a great tool
  7. I love the transparency — it comes straight from the top
  8. I enjoy the flexibility, like working from home when you need to!


Thanks for sharing with us, Darren! If you liked getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at Resolver, be sure to come back next month for our next spotlight.

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