Global media company defuses reputation ticking time bomb


When accusations of sexual misconduct by a celebrity ambassador surfaced online, the brand was caught unaware. Although the assertions made in a private chat forum by fans (and haters) did not name the brand, the claims were quickly validated. As harmful comments gained traction among forum members, the inevitable mainstream disclosure would mean serious reputation damage for the brand once associated with the celebrity ambassador publicly.


Resolvers’s Risk Intelligence Graph quickly connected the accusations against the ambassador with the brand, even though it was not identified. Within minutes, brand PR and talent management leaders were notified, enabling them to act immediately.

The brand suspended its relationship with the ambassador 12 hours before the story reached mainstream social media and 24 hours before they were contacted by mainstream media for comment. This time allowed for an immediate, informed response from the communications team and spared the brand from reputation damage by association with the former ambassador.

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