Keeping children safe from real harm in a virtual world


The video game industry, particularly online multiplayer games, has seen a surge of egregious activity in recent years. Resolver’s client found its fast-growing virtual world assailed by bad actors targeting children with illegal content.

As the game grew in popularity, size, and global reach, threats increased and evasion tactics evolved, risking the integrity of the game and the safety of its users.

Existing filtering, user profiling and reporting needed to be augmented by an extra level of intelligence to ensure maximum safety and uncover the bad actors behind the nefarious intent to harm children.


Resolver’s team of threat analysts launched an investigation into those behind the illegal content and behavior perpetuating online harms. Using its Risk Intelligence Graph, the team uncovered an organized crime outfit selling “digital drugs” to minors in exchange for virtual, in-game currency—which was then sold on grey secondary market websites for real money.

The analysts determined this exchange had expanded into paying in-game currency for lewd behavior and indecent material, in some cases endangering children. With documented intelligence in hand, Resolver and its client’s Trust & Safety team worked with law enforcement to shut down the digital drug ring and identify the individuals putting children at risk.

Resolver continues to deliver rapid intelligence on a recurring basis to remove emerging threats, ensuring a safe and lawful game experience for all users.

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