Mitigating the risk of missed adverse event on social media


With digital marketing and ad spending in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry expected to reach $11.3 billion in 2021, biotech companies recognize the crucial role of social media. As a key means of engaging with HCPs and patients, social media channels also present unique compliance risks to be managed and mitigated—especially when introducing a new product.

Our biotech client, on the verge of launching a new drug with high profit potential, knew digital activity would draw scrutiny from regulators. Pharmacovigilance and digital marketing teams needed to collaborate on a validated process that would track potential adverse events and product complaints while maintaining a clean and safe social media environment for their communities.


Resolver worked closely with our biotech client to conduct a thorough assessment of all potential risk factors that could impact the product launch and ongoing social media interaction. That analysis was the foundation for a custom compliance solution to capture 100% of adverse events in real time—guaranteed—across the brand’s marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

In the initial phase of the program, Resolver analysts examined 750 comments, removed 266 comments and alerted the brand to three spontaneous reports of potential adverse events, helping the client comply with meticulous regulatory oversight and avoid audits, fines, regulatory sanctions, and legal actions. Protection 24/7/365 means any potentially harmful content appearing on the client’s owned social media pages is detected, then hidden or deleted within 15 minutes, and relevant issues are escalated to key stakeholders within 30 minutes. Critical engagement with communities is maintained while compliance and safety are assured with approved templates to handle inquiries from HCPs and patients.

The biotech brand can be confident that its digital marketing activities are beyond reproach and that it is being protected with Resolver’s Pharma Compliance solution in place.

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