Incident Management Software

Automate your incident and investigative process to mitigate losses and reduce incidents.

Reliable Incident Management

Capturing complete incident reports takes time and attention to detail. Become a strategic partner to your business by streamlining incident submission, automating triage, and expanding reporting to show the impact of what you do.

Stop Incidents from Going Unreported

Resolver empowers your entire organization to report incidents with accessible easy-to-use reporting channels, options for confidential reporting, and integrations that connect Resolver to the tools already used by your organization.

Save time and get better data with AI-Enabled Intelligent Triage

Let Resolver’s AI algorithm automatically tag your incidents to speed triage, improve data consistency and identify more potential incident connections.

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Gain efficiency in your incident and investigative process

Streamline your incident and investigative processes by personalizing Resolver to match your workflow; not the other way around.

Catch incidents before they happen

Find the common causes of incidents with link charts, root cause analysis and trend reporting to help stop incidents from occurring.

Show the business the impact of what you do

Have answers at your fingertips. Build your own reports and analytics to deliver insight to the organization.

Work anywhere

Use us on any device; Resolver is optimized for mobile.

More features to help your incident management

Incident Reporting

Our employee portal, hotlines, email integrations, and anonymous reporting options ensure everyone is empowered to report incidents.

AI-Enabled Intelligent Triage

Let Resolver’s AI algorithm automatically tag your incidents to speed triage.

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Incident & Investigations

Manage your incident flow from submission through investigations. Capture critical details including involvements, losses & recoveries, narratives and evidence.

Customizable fields, forms, and workflow

Create your own user defined fields, forms and workflows. No need for developers or Resolver. Your administrators can adapt the system as your business evolves.


Geo Track any element in the system with our mapping features.

Link Analysis

Visualize how incidents, people, places, and organizations are connected.

Root Cause Analysis

Find the root cause of incidents so that you can not only manage incidents but eliminate their source.

Data Warehouse, Analytics & Reporting

Get insight into incident volume, high risk locations and people, investigative efficiency and more. Answer key questions in a few clicks.


Connect to the tools you use to protect what matters.

Introducing our AI Based Triage Capability

See how Resolver can help you automate your incident and threat triage process while dramatically improving data quality.

Explore how AI Works

“We noticed an increase in incidents reported on one of our campuses at a specific time. Using the data provided by Resolver, we were able to justify the investment of an additional security guard. Before Resolver, we wouldn’t have been able to make that connection and demonstrate the need for the additional investment.”


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