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Your Visibility

With hundreds of integrations and automated email capture, collecting data is easy in Resolver’s incident management software. Tagged and enriched by powerful AI, your information is consolidated in automated reports, making it ready for use and easy to understand.

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Clear Insights

Analyze threat, incident, and investigation data—in context—to discover the root cause and potential links. Let data drive your recommendations, so you convert incidents into insights.

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Team Efficiency

Industry best practice workflows combine with powerful automations to create a hyper-efficient security platform and incident response approach. Freed from spending hours on repetitive low-impact work, your team devotes more time to strategic initiatives that drive value.

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Business Impact

Easily create and monitor incident and security action plans, link them back to key risk indicators and prove your worth through direct business impact assessments. Show the business impact of vulnerabilities to fast-track your security investments.

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Turn Incidents into Insights

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Use Cases



Trespassing & Loitering

Harassment & Assault

Workplace Injury

Near Misses


Brand Protection

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

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Risk Intelligence Software

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