Keep track of all investigative activities in one place

Help your team collect investigation details and conduct root cause analysis to summarize the event, discover why it occurred, and create controls to prevent future occurrences.

Improve Investigation Data Collection and Tracking

Resolver makes collecting, linking, and tracking key investigation data easy. That frees up case and investigation teams so that they can focus on uncovering cause, assessing impact, and determining the best response for preventing or recovering losses.

  • Resolver enables faster and more efficient data collection through our simple incident portal, our anonymous reporting hotlines, and a suite of integrations that allows customers to import data from almost anywhere. Learn more about hotline reporting
  • Resolver makes it easy to track the information that matters. Investigation details such as persons of interest, BOLOs, logs, interviews, evidence, links, outcomes and root causes, and attachments and incident properties are all automatically tracked within our platform.
  • Perfect for legal cases, Resolver enables chain of custody tracking so your team can understand where evidence is located and who had access to it at all times.

Communicate Insights from Investigations

Our Investigations & Case Management Software makes it easy to create and report on investigation outcomes, findings, and corrective actions.

  • Perform root cause analyses and mitigation tracking to determine contributing factors, failed controls, and gaps in processes or countermeasures.
  • Track your team’s progress and balance their workload with metrics such as average time to close investigations, costs spent per investigation, and open investigations by investigator.

Effectively Resolve & Manage Cases

  • Group multiple incidents and investigations into a case to manage common issues effectively.
  • Collect and consolidate investigation summaries, interviews, evidence, documents, and more.
  • Conduct forensic data analyses to find the inherent association in the data; create relationships between incidents, investigations, and cases; and visualize your relationship analysis to easily digest the data.
  • Manage case efficiency with visibility into investigators’ workloads with a view of assigned cases, number of open cases, and how long cases are active.

Investigations Management Software for Your Entire Team

Integrate with Incident Management

Access incident reporting data from a common platform to aid your investigation teams with contextualized information.

Highly Configurable

Drag and drop configuration allows admins to create forms and reports without field limitations on employee/incident reports or tickets to capture the most accurate data possible.

Easy to Use

An intuitive platform with easy to follow navigation bars so that users never have to guess what they need to do next.

Visual Relationship Graph

Visualize relationships between incidents, individuals, assets, locations, and more for an effective investigation process.

Simple Workflows and Approvals

Automate incident, investigation, and case processes including submission, approval and corrective action assignment.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Resolver’s powerful reporting and dashboards provides you with actionable data to help you mitigate future occurrence and impact.

Resolver's Investigations Management Software can be used for:

Manage every part of the brand protection process from data entry, investigations, case management, and analysis. Determine full accountability including chain of custody, audit trail, and court admissibility. Visually link people, places, and things to gain a more holistic picture.

Discover the source of inventory discrepancies, reduce organizational risk, and seamlessly manage audits and investigations. Monitor your loss data using reports that show key loss prevention metrics, including loss values, loss events, and loss types. Quickly connect disparate data to a unified intelligence picture.

Resolver’s Violence Threat Assessment app using WAVR-21™ methodology provides a structured, evidence-based approach to conducting workplace and campus violence threat assessments.


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