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Audit Management & Planning

Audit planning is achieved through visibility into key risk areas of the organization to ensure audit can focus on high impact and less controlled areas. The audit committee can review dashboards to punctuate the need to assign resources to critical risk-based audits.


Connect Seamlessly

Risks and regulations overflow in business, along with assurance and compliance monitoring activities. As a result, audit fatigue may set in if auditees become inundated with several and sometimes redundant requests for time and information. Resolver’s Internal Audit Software provides a common, integrated view of key risks and related assurance activities to support efficient and effective assurance planning and coverage, so that risks and controls only need to be evaluated once.


Track Issues

Robust issue-tracking methodology is essential for effective internal audit. The right methodology should define who is accountable, what types of issues will be tracked, the scope, the required follow up, who will review issue reports and how often, and whether or not issues are being dealt with. Resolver’s powerful workflow tool and comprehensive dashboards make it easy to track issues and ensure accountability so you can be assured your business is running smoothly.

SOX Compliance

Internal Control (SOX) Management

Develop and maintain a system of internal control across your organization’s objectives, critical processes, financial reporting and major initiatives with Resolver’s Internal Control Management Application.

The configurable platform easily adapts to changing business needs and supports a risk-based approach to internal control. Resolver’s Internal Control Application dramatically improves the efficiency of your SOX program and provides immediate visibility into your testing efforts.

Audit Management and SOX Compliance Software for Your Entire Team

Scoping and Planning

Resolver supports a top-down, risk-based approach to scoping your SOX effort. This means your audit effort will be efficient and focused upon the risks and controls that matter most.

Documentation Updates

Enable process and/or control owners to easily review and update narratives, diagrams, risk and control matrices, etc.

Control Testing

Assign a testing team and determine key dates for activities. Gain access to a control testing procedures library. Conclude on control design and/or operating effectiveness, identify issues for remediation and flag controls for roll-forward testing, as needed.

Reporting and Monitoring

Information regarding status, results, evidence and assignments is all available instantly and flows seamlessly into quarterly reporting.


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