Harnessing AI and NLP to Supercharge Security Incident Management

Learn how to quickly classify incidents, automate manual reporting, and ensure consistent data

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  1. What Artificial Intelligence means for the Corporate Security teams
  2. How AI and NLP can deliver value in the workplace
  3. Current uses and limitations of NLP
  4. Step-by-step process of how NLP helps transform incident management

About the AI Whitepaper

Resolver has developed a first of its kind AI technology that allows Corporate Security teams automate their incident triage process, reduce the number of hours manual incident entry takes, and decrease the likelihood of human error.

This whitepaper comes as a result of the AI research and development our team has done over the last three years. We worked with many organizations and have analyzed hundreds of thousands of incidents to build a technology that helps our customers streamline their incident management process.

  • Learn how NLP is improving and modernizing incident management
  • Understand risks involved in the manual incident triage process
  • See how Resolver’s technology is solving the issue by automating incident management
  • Learn from a real-life example how AI and NLP deliver value in the workplace
  • Stay up-to-date with the most recent AI technology developments in the corporate security space
  • Decide whether NLP technology is something you’d want to implement in your incident management process

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