The 5-Stage Maturity Model for Corporate Security

A clear, measurable guide to help security teams of any size scale their programs.

Equip your team with essential strategies to advance from basic to optimized security levels. Download Resolver's definitive guide to Security Maturity to uncover:

  1. The 5 stages of Corporate Security Maturity
  2. Best practices for optimizing security functions
  3. Learnings from industry-leading security teams
  4. Tools to help your team become more impactful

About the Maturity Model

Corporate security teams often hit a plateau, managing daily tasks reactively without a clear path to elevate their security strategy.

Resolver's Maturity Model for Corporate Security is designed to address this challenge, offering a systematic approach to assess, benchmark, and improve security practices against industry standards. Resolver has worked with hundreds of Corporate Security teams on implementing incident management, investigations, case management, security operations and security risk management processes.

We used these learnings to create a model for maturing security programs — a clear, applicable and measurable model to help security teams of any size scale their programs.

By leveraging the Maturity Model, teams will have a clear path to optimize operations — transforming the role of the security team and paving the way for them to become effective business partners across the organization. The outcome is a well-oiled security function that is integral to business strategy, with clear operational benefits, risk mitigation, and demonstrable value to the organization.

  • Easily gain an understanding of which stage of maturity your organization is at using our Activity-Outcome breakdowns by function.
  • Identify your security program's biggest opportunities to add value to the organization.
  • Apply the model to determine where and when to invest in additional activities to grow your security function.
  • Determine when it's time to progress to the next stage of maturity.
  • Use this model to effectively plan your resources and justify your department's budget.
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to present to your management team.

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