Podcast: How Companies Can Better Mitigate and Respond to Risk

Resolver's Director GRC Products, Amanda Cohen on The International Risk Podcast about turning GRC Risk Management into business value.

March 22, 2022

Listen as  Amanda Cohen, Resolver’s Director of GRC Products, talks to Domenic Bowen, host of The International Risk Podcast about her experience guiding enterprise-level companies to level up their risk mindset through the adoption of software solutions that turn risk intelligence into business value. In this episode, Amanda talks about:

  • The joys of talking to customers from diverse industries and creating products to help solve their problems
  • How she helps GRC professionals break down their goals and wishlists to create realistic, long-term, scalable solutions
  • The importance of executive and board buy-in, and getting organizational alignment on the value a risk management software can deliver
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance trends, including how technology and automation remove the noise, distilling information about what matters to your organization
  • Why leaders in the GRC space have been slow to adopt machine learning and AI, and how to get them on-board
  • The importance of moving away from a “check the box program” mentality and getting buy-in on how software can drive business value through risk intelligence

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