Governance, Risk and Compliance

Proving the Value of an ERM Program

As risk professionals, we’re tasked with the responsibility to minimize and mitigate risk, all while battling skeptical and reluctant executives for increased budget and more resources. The risk management paradox is a tough pill to swallow. When you’re doing your job well, nobody notices. And when something goes wrong, you’re the scapegoat. So, how do you prove the value of something not happening?

In partnership with The Risk Management Society, Resolver hosted a webinar to answer questions many risk managers struggle with:

  • How do you prove the value of an ERM program?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for risk management?
  • What metrics and KRIs should you track to measure the impact of your ERM program?
  • How do you encourage risk-based decision making across the enterprise?
  • How can technology be leveraged to maximize the value of an ERM program?

Watch the recording of the webinar