Turn Incidents into Insights with Resolver's New Corporate Security Features

Posted March 15, 2022

Toronto, ON — March 15, 2022Resolver Inc., the leader in Risk Intelligence Software, is excited to announce new 3.6 release features for its robust cloud-based incident management software. Together, these additional features will give corporate security teams better visibility, clearer insights, and a greater impact on protecting their organizations.

There’s never been a more pertinent time for corporate security teams to provide their workforces with centralized, data-centric, accessible, and anonymous incident reporting tools. With so many organizations working partially remotely, the average corporation’s geographical employee footprint has grown faster than tools and systems could keep up.

Enabling anyone to report incidents from anywhere—while ensuring security and confidentiality—is a top priority for organizations. Many individuals fear retaliation for reporting misconduct. Anonymous reporting channels are essential to give these individuals a voice while protecting your organization. In fact, organizations that offer anonymous reporting channels lose 50% less money to fraud.

“Successful reporting programs recognize the diversity of the individuals that may have valuable information,” says Ryan Thiessen, Corporate Security Product Director, Resolver Inc. “Processes that limit the accessibility to quick and convenient reporting options create barriers for users can lead to gaps in the data and limited visibility into what events are impacting the organization.”

In this release, Resolver empowers the entire organization to report incidents with accessible, easy-to-use reporting channels. There are options for confidential reporting and integrations that connect Resolver to the tools most organizations already use. This release’s key features, Email Data Collection and Hotline Reporting improve corporate security and case investigation teams’ ability to bring data into Resolver’s incident and case management applications.

With Email Data Collection, Resolver receives and processes emails directly into the system, creating an incident object and populating it with meta-data (i.e., subject, from, to, date) and the email’s main text. Resolver will then notify the designated group that a new incident report has been received, which they can then either link the incident to an existing case or create a new one based on it.

With Hotline Reporting, Resolver receives and processes reports via inbound telephone. When calling the hotline, individuals will be connected with a Whistleblower Security representative, who will walk the caller through an intake form tailored to best support over-the-phone reporting. Once the call is done and the form submitted, the incident data will be accessible through Resolver’s incident management application.

“With our 3.6 release, organizations can offer multiple options to report, with email, portals, and hotlines. Security can also leverage data from existing processes via integrations. By reducing friction on reporting for users and eliminating data silos, plus expensive consolidation processes, teams will instantly increase insights and see the full picture,” says Thiessen.

Learn more about Resolver’s incident and case management solutions in our webinar: From Incidents to Insights.

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