Meet Resolver’s AI-Enabled Security Management Solution

Posted April 1, 2021

Resolver Inc., the leader in Risk and Security Management Software, is excited to announce the launch of AI-Enabled Incident Management. This new capability will automatically extract incident details to dramatically reduce the time it takes to triage incident submissions, minimizing response times and improving the accuracy and consistency of data.

As the security industry continues to undergo a digital transformation, teams are collecting more information than ever. Many security teams struggle to use that information effectively because incident reports are often incomplete or non-standardized. To help solve this challenge Resolver is releasing its first AI-Enabled features; AI-Enabled Incident Triage and Language Translation at a  Live Launch Event on April 6, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

“Our vision is to integrate AI into every step of the incident and risk management process to help teams build a more proactive approach to Corporate Security. By simplifying how the business engages with security and automating high-quality data enrichment, our goal is to help teams generate great intelligence and insight to help them become strategic business partners for the business,” says Will Anderson, CEO, Resolver Inc.

More about Resolver’s AI-Enabled Security Management Solution:

  • AI-Enabled Incident Triage will dramatically reduce incident triage time and significantly improve data quality by identifying involved people, organizations, locations, dates, and times. This will make validating identified entities or missing entities quick and easy allowing teams to find more connections in their data to improve response times and prevent future incidents.
  • Language Translation will simplify international incident reporting by automatically translating data entered in local languages to the organization’s operating language. Allowing users to report in their local language results in better, more accurate and timely data and provides a global-wide view of incidents.

Machine Learning increases efficiency in triage and investigation processes by referencing relevant data based on a consistent set of rules to provide insights and enhance outcomes. As more data is fed into the algorithm it becomes even stronger at identifying patterns, enhancing the outcome for users. The system references all historical data to identify relationships that might otherwise be missed, increasing the speed and quality of investigations.

Resolver continues to make investments in AI and leading-edge technology to address emerging security challenges so that security teams can spend less time collecting data and more time on protecting the assets and people that are critical to an operation’s success.

Learn more about Resolver’s AI-Enabled Security Management solution and register for the  April 6 Live Launch Event.

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