Resolver Acquires RiskVision, a Recognized Leader in Integrated Risk Management Software for Security Operations

Posted October 18, 2017

Resolver finalizes the acquisition of RiskVision Inc, further expanding Resolver’s base of customers in key markets, and increasing their market position in the IT Risk and Compliance markets.

As a result of the acquisition, Resolver will employ a team of over 225 security, risk, and compliance professionals working from offices in Sunnyvale CA, Charleston WV, Edmonton AB, London UK, Dubai UAE, Hyderabad India, and Christchurch NZ. Resolver’s headquarters remain in Toronto, ON.

“Organizations are under increasing pressure to contain the risk of data breach,” states Will Anderson, CEO of Resolver. “RiskVision’s product capabilities in this arena extend Resolver’s ability to help our customers’ Information Security and Compliance teams. We are delighted to bring the RiskVision team into the Resolver family, and look forward to serving RiskVision’s existing customers.”

Data-Driven Approach to Enterprise Risk

“The key to managing risk is in making data-driven decisions,” states Anderson. “With information security there is a considerable amount of insight that comes from asset monitoring tools and event monitoring tools. Often this data becomes noisy and challenging to prioritize, especially with limited resources. With RiskVision’s technology, we can help Information Security Officers prioritize their focus to reduce vulnerabilities and threats.”

Continued Product Investment & Support

With the acquisition, Resolver greatly expands the service and support capabilities offered to RiskVision customers. With Resolver’s expanded global presence, it offers customers true ‘follow-the-sun’ 24/7 support. Resolver will maintain RiskVision development teams in California and India, continuing product support. In addition, Resolver will integrate these teams into the existing development plans to bring forward capabilities on its next generation platform even sooner.

Product Capability

RiskVision offers capabilities including Threat and Vulnerability Management, IT Risk, Vendor Risk, and Incident Management. This is a perfect complement to Resolver’s existing market offerings and in line with Resolver’s approach to Plan, Prepare, Respond, and Recover.

Acquisition Financing

Resolver has funded the acquisition through its existing facilities.