Resolver to showcase new Corporate Security software applications at its annual user event, Int:rsect, May 20-23, 2018, San Diego

Posted March 13, 2018

On the back of its most successful year serving the corporate security market, Resolver is set to release a series of new cloud-based applications that enhance its incident management capabilities, and beyond.

Toronto — March 13, 2018.   Resolver, the leading provider of Corporate Security software is set to launch three new applications for Corporate Security teams at its upcoming user event. The applications are built on Resolver’s newest platform, which offers customers:

  • High scalability demanded by Resolver’s largest global roll-outs.
  • Easy and extensive customization capabilities, as many organizations have specific needs without a desire to pay for customization through programming.
  • A fresh user experience that can support any device on any platform, perfect for the mobile warrior, BYOD, and companies that support multiple desktop options.

Incident Management

Resolver’s incident reporting software is an invaluable knowledge-base that helps you understand the who, what, where, when and why of security events. The new incident management platform streamlines the data collection process from your end-user to ensure fast and accurate documentation of the incident. Integrated workflow allows better modeling of your processes to ensure notifications and escalations are automated. Through investigations you can connect incidents, events and data together using the software’s dynamic link analysis to drive deeper insights and uncover underlying issues.

Security Risk Management

Resolver’s risk management capabilities enable security teams to better understand the relationship of incident data to your risks so that you can make data-driven decisions. This data will help drive better control or counter-measure investments to further reduce your organization’s security risk. Identify and quantify your enterprise’s locations and assets, and track against your risk register the threats, vulnerabilities and counter-measures for each. Implementing an Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) program with Resolver will improve alignment to your organization’s risks and you will be able to better communicate the impact of incidents and the value of Security.

Security Audit

Resolver’s Security Audit application helps you identify vulnerabilities and gaps in safeguards to ensure corrective actions are addressed; so you can be confident that your organization’s people and assets are safe and secure. With Security Audit, you can model any audit process for routine inspections by requirements, areas, or specific systems and assets. Use Resolver to manage the issues through to remediation and spot trends at a single location or a pattern of issues with a particular requirement across the organization.

“Resolver’s newest platform is user-friendly, highly customizable, and offers a multi-modal integrated platform to suit everything that our demanding and fluid environment requires,” states Yann Stephan, Vice President of Corporate Security, JTI International SA.  

Resolver has been running an early adopter program for nine months before announcing general availability. Ryan Thiessen, Resolver’s Product Director – Corporate Security states, “Following on our most successful year as a business adding over 100 new deployments to security teams, we now have over 30 customers on our new platform, many include integrated global deployments. We are excited to extend these capabilities to Corporate Security teams globally.”

“Resolver’s vision for Integrated Risk Management is in lock step with some of the most forward-thinking voices in the Corporate Security world,” states Will Anderson, CEO of Resolver. “Over the past two years at ASIS events, we’ve heard much from the leaders in our community on the topic of ESRM, insider threat, and threat assessment. Resolver’s mission is to bring this to all of our customers easily and cost effectively.”