Corporate Security ROI: Strategies for Proactive Investment

January 19, 2024 · READ

Physical security has evolved beyond gates and guards — it’s now a key player in corporate strategy and taking preventive measures in building a resilient business. Your corporate security programs can offer a significant return on investment (ROI) when you can measure and communicate their value through data. Those managing security on the ground feel increasingly pressured to show how these smart investments in security tech not only protect but also add value to the business. Let’s break down the facts: Spending on security today is a strategic choice that impacts your corporate security ROI and the overall bottom line of your organization.

Read on to learn how to:

  • Connect the dots between the tech you use to protect your people, places, and assets.
  • Evaluate the positive financial outcomes that follow.
  • Communicate why these tech investments matter.
  • Confidently present corporate security ROI to the folks controlling the budget.
  • Unlock the funding you need for physical security excellence.

Understanding the current landscape of corporate security

Today’s business threats come from all angles. Cyber attacks threaten everything from your data to your company’s financial health. Meanwhile, physical security teams must handle challenges from geopolitical shifts to natural disasters. The shift towards remote work also broadens the scope of potential vulnerabilities, forcing resource-strapped security departments to reevaluate and strengthen existing protocols.

Investing in a strong security setup now directly impacts your company’s long-term financial well-being. Delivering on the ask for corporate security ROI means going beyond talking about loss mitigation. As you shift the conversation to the need for strategic investment in systems and protocols that defend against a wide range of contemporary threats, don’t forget to focus on the data those systems deliver to help you validate your business case.

The high cost of ignoring security risks

When a security incident hits a company, what feels like a temporary headache can turn into a financial hit that can ripple out for years. The immediate costs are tough enough, as with data recovery and asset replacement. But it’s the long haul where it really hurts: legal troubles, regulatory fines, and lost trust from customers. As you may have unfortunately experienced already in your career, these issues can drag down a company’s stock value and tarnish its reputation for a long time.

Tiktok app on phone representing corporate security roi example

Take, for example, the €345 million fine TikTok received in 2020 from Ireland’s Data Protection Commission for privacy violations. The investigation revealed that TikTok’s default settings made teen users’ accounts public and posed risks to children under 13, despite them not being permitted on the platform.

Concerns grew in 2023 as its parent company, ByteDance, faced legal and security challenges as lawmakers in the US, Europe, and Canada intensified efforts to limit access to the app, citing security threats around the potential for sensitive user data, like location information, to be accessed by the Chinese government. 

The bottom line? Skimping on security now could cost you a lot more later. Smart companies invest in security measures that not only meet compliance requirements but also serve as an invaluable financial move. By selling your leadership team on a proactive security investment strategy, you’re not just checking a box — you’re steering clear of the massive costs that can come after security incidents.

From defense to data: The dual role of security technology

As physical security technology has stepped up, investments in security technology serve a dual purpose. Investing in technology will significantly benefit your corporate security ROI by preventing unauthorized access, and generating insightful data that turns your security system into a strategic asset. Whether it’s incident data or threat intelligence, you’re armed with information and visibility that can prevent incidents and the quantifiable evidence to highlight the real value of your security actions.

Security once meant locks, cameras, and gates. Now, it’s expanded to include digital defenses — firewalls, anti-malware, and intrusion detection that guard both doors and data. With the integration of AI, machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we can ideally predict threats and neutralize them before they become costly problems.

But this new era also brings complex challenges like cyber-physical attacks and sophisticated access control breaches, where the physical world meets digital vulnerabilities. But integrated thoughtfully, AI and IoT move beyond buzzwords — they act as new sentries that watch over your assets and keep your facilities secure in ways you couldn’t reach before.

Imagine AI-enabled incident management systems that can zip through mountains of data in a flash, picking up odd patterns that might spell trouble. This isn’t something old-school methods could ever do. And analytics? That’s your new best friend in making sure your security is on point. It digs into the data, shows you what’s working and what’s not, and guides you on where to focus your efforts and budget.

Incorporating these advanced tools means you go from running a security operation to leading a high-tech defense force. This isn’t about spending on security just for the sake of it. Show those deciding the budgets the big picture value in investing in a corporate security solution, one that’s always several steps ahead, going beyond the immediate to safeguard your business’s ongoing safety and resilience.

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The real value of corporate security: More than just dollars and cents

When you’re calculating corporate security ROI, remember it’s not all about the bottom line. Sure, you can count the money you save from preventing theft or vandalism, but the real game-changer lies in the benefits you can’t always put a price tag on. We’re talking about the kind of stuff that really powers your business from the inside out.

Consider your team. When they feel safe, they’re not just showing up; they’re switched on, giving their best, and coming up with the next big thing. You’re creating an environment where everyone knows they’re looked after — the kind of peace of mind can turbocharge productivity and spark innovation.

Then there’s your reputation. In today’s world, a company that’s known for tight security isn’t just a safer bet; it’s a magnet for customers. People gravitate toward businesses they can trust with their data, their safety, their everything. And in a time when a security slip-up can go viral in seconds, being known for rock-solid security can really set you apart, keeping your loyal customers close and bringing new ones to the door.

So, investing in top-notch security? It’s a decision that builds customer confidence, fosters trust, and boosts your corporate security ROI in ways that numbers alone can’t capture.

Measuring your corporate security ROI with Resolver

Figuring out your corporate security ROI isn’t just about crunching numbers the old-fashioned way (though we’ve got a calculator you can download here to help you do just that). It’s about zooming out and understanding the real impact of what you’re doing. That’s where Resolver comes in.

We’re not just looking at how much you spend versus what you save. We’re talking about getting a handle on the real value your security brings — stuff like how it boosts employee confidence, protects your reputation, and keeps operations running smoothly.

Resolver’s Corporate Security Software is like having a high-powered magnifying glass that shows you exactly where your security strategy hits the mark and where it can get even better. Just watch our webinar, “From Barrier to Strategic Partner: How to Communicate the Value of Security Investments,” to get concrete examples of how Resolver can help you prove your corporate security ROI and unlock funding so you can protect what matters.

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