Reflecting on Ascend 2024: Resolver Security Summit

Rizwan Shirazi
Director of Customer Success at Resolver
May 30, 2024 · READ

While I have the opportunity to attend a number of security focused events throughout the year, Ascend, Resolver’s annual security conference is without a doubt my favourite. This year, Resolver had the privilege of hosting Ascend 2024 at the picturesque Mission Bay Resort in sunny San Diego. This event as a unique one, as it brings together our team and customers, along with industry leaders and experts to share their insights, innovations, and projections for the future of corporate security.

A speaker addressing the audience at ascend 2024, with a welcome slide on the screen and attendees seated in a conference room.

The experience at Ascend 2024 was nothing short of phenomenal. The thought-provoking talks, interactive workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities were truly inspiring. We explored emerging threats, security and risk management strategies, and the evolving role of AI as a security team accelerator. All of this aligns perfectly with Resolver’s mission to empower organizations with innovative solutions that help them move through the world of risk with confidence and resilience.

The energy and enthusiasm of our “Ascendees” was contagious, and it was immensely valuable to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing security leaders, both presently, and as we look forward. With the broad experience and expertise of our customers, there were more than a few “breakthrough” ideas we collectively took away.

Key Takeaways: Embracing AI and Automation

Of course, one of the biggest takeaways from Ascend 2024 was the critical role of AI and automation in security. “You can’t go to a conference without someone mentioning AI,” as Resolver’s president, Kam Rawal joked in his opening remarks. The discussions around Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI and Large Language Models (like ChatGPT), and Deep Fakes underscored the need for adaptive and proactive risk management strategies that leverage technology to support security leaders in making the best, fastest, and most informed decisions.

We also focused on integrating security into the very fabric of organizations, highlighting the importance of cross-departmental collaboration and strategic foresight in building resilient security programs. All essential as we at Resolver aim to empower security leaders to move with precision and speed using data in a rapidly changing world.

Building Relationships and Expanding Networks

"attendees networking under palm trees at ascend 2024, with string lights creating a festive atmosphere at mission bay resort. "

Ascend was an amazing opportunity to connect with industry peers, customers, and partners. I had meaningful conversations with representatives from SAP, DHL, Kinross Gold, Lululemon, and others, who were recognized at the Ascend Customer Awards. These interactions not only deepened my understanding of their unique security challenges and successes but also opened doors for future collaboration. Plus, anyone in physical security knows the most thrilling stories happen when you’re trying to keep people, places, and assets safe!

Showcasing Resolver’s Innovations

At Ascend 2024, we showcased the latest advancements in the Resolver Corporate Security Suite roadmap, including new features in Incident Management, Security Risk Management, and Threat Protection (and of course, some AI-enhanced features that help to streamline the tedious and mundane, so you can focus on what matters).

Attendees were especially interested in our AI-driven analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities, which promise to revolutionize how organizations manage and mitigate security risks. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from our customers reaffirm our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that meet evolving security needs.

Looking Ahead: Ascend 2025 and the Future of Security

Riz shirazi presenting at ascend 2024 with a 'thank you' slide displayed on the screen behind him, showcasing resolver's branding.

Overall, Ascend 2024 was an incredible success. The insights gained and the connections made will undoubtedly influence our strategic direction and product development. I’m excited to incorporate our takeaways into our goal of supporting our customers in their security journeys. If you’d like to learn more about our work at Resolver or discuss how we can help enhance your organization’s security posture, please feel free to reach out. Let’s keep the conversation going and build a safer, more resilient future together.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or dive deeper into Resolver’s Corporate Security solutions. On behalf of Resolver and our Customer Success team, thank you for being part of our journey at Ascend 2024! And if you’re sad that you missed it, keep an eye on our Resolver LinkedIn updates so you can join us next year.

The resolver customer success team posing in front of the illuminated 'ascend' letters at ascend 2024, with a backdrop of palm trees and blue lighting.

Members of Resolver’s dedicated Customer Success team at Ascend 2024

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