Alcoholic beverage manufacturer sets the standard for social media compliance

“Our partnership with Resolver not only ensures our legal responsibilities are met, it also protects our global online community, keeping its fans safe from harm.”
Global Health, Safety and Crisis Management Director
Alcoholic beverage manufacturer


The alcoholic beverage industry sets a high bar for compliance, especially for social media marketing. It requires brands to rigorously moderate user-generated content on owned social media pages, monitor comments made on brand-sponsored social media ad campaigns, and proactively remove underage or inappropriate engagements from those channels. The growing speed and scale of digital chatter has accelerated this risk for alcohol and spirits companies who operate around the world.

One alcoholic beverage manufacturer has navigated and thrived through decades of industry, economic and geopolitical changes. Risk resilience is in its DNA. The parent company recognized that the rise of social media created a critical need for rigorous, always-on compliance to moderate social media pages for its global brands at scale. Without a timely and coordinated solution in place, non-compliance would result in hefty fines and damage to brand reputation.

The beverage manufacturer’s portfolio of products required a scalable solution to manage multiple countries’ industry regulations in addition to evolving social media rules. The parent company of popular spirits brands needed 24/7/365 moderation and the removal of non-compliant comments, such as potential underage drinking or overconsumption.


The company’s compliance team partnered with Resolver to keep its hundreds of social media pages safe and compliant in numerous languages. In addition, Resolver discovered and tracked the risk signals embedded within digital chatter, escalating items that compromised the company’s brand reputation.

Using its Owned Social Defense and Crisis Defense solutions, Resolver moderated the company’s social media pages within minutes, ensuring non-compliant, off-brand or harmful comments were removed. And, it monitored the wider web for emerging issues as well. It ensured no matter what country, language or time of day, the alcoholic beverage manufacturer was always first to know about risks to its brand reputation or compliance issues that originatd or became amplified by digital chatter.

Resolver’s AI technology, which has been trained since 2005, guaranteed the nuance and accuracy necessary to keep the company’s brand communities safe at scale, 24/7/365. This was particularly helpful given the company’s global footprint. In fact, 70% of the social media moderation and 66% of all Case Alerts occurred outside of normal working hours of the beverage manufacturer’s compliance team.


The partnership between Resolver and the alcoholic beverage manufacturer continues to ensure the company’s social media presence is safe and compliant, while also ensuring the brand is always first to know and first to act on risk signals embedded within digital chatter on social media and the wider web.

During the past year, Resolver monitored 1,782,448 pieces of content, scaling its capabilities to address the changing speed and scale of digital chatter that occurred in different markets, especially during key moments in time, like the holiday season. This coincided with 1,873 Case Alerts on risk signals embedded within digital chatter, such as product quality issues or the sale of counterfeit products.

No matter when, where or in what language the risk originates or becomes amplified online, Resolver continues to collaborate closely with the company’s compliance team to ensure its brand reputation is safe, so that the company can focus on building its brand communities, while Resolver defends them.

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