Debunking falsehoods with truth during major app launch


The on-demand entertainment landscape was headed for a shakeup. All eyes were on the debut of a highly anticipated streaming service that promised an unparalleled lineup of content with universal appeal.

Journalists, along with millions of consumers worldwide, were poised to deliver their verdict, based on unreliable third-party tools and online guesswork. To counter this and ensure early success of the launch, Resolver’s client needed timely, accurate data to crush falsehoods and present the undeniable truth.


Resolver used its Risk Intelligence Graph to quickly create a baseline of conversation through a huge volume of digital conversation in multiple languages. This instantly clarified which reports of client issues were genuine and needed to be escalated to communications, engineering and client care teams to be resolved.

Armed with this confident grasp of the facts, the communications team could proactively educate the media on the true metrics of performance and directly refute misperceptions in the marketplace. The reliable data was also used to fast-track risk-focused customer insights to the right teams to improve accessibility and user experience.

Continued monitoring, reporting, and risk intelligence by Resolver were invaluable to a successful launch and global rollout of the app.

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