Humber College Uses Resolver to Protect What Matters: Students, Staff and Faculty

When your goal is to be the safest educational institution in Canada, a pen-and-paper security solution won’t cut it.  To learn more about how Humber College works to achieve this goal, Resolver recently spoke with Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator.

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The Challenge

“Before working with Resolver, we did everything with pen and paper — at least on our dispatch side. We had a spreadsheet with columns: call times, the name of the caller, notes related to the call, and close times.   Our incident reports were written using Microsoft Word or by pen and paper.”

Using this outdated approach, the Department of Public Safety at Humber College struggled to gain consistency in the data. They lacked the comprehensive overview that would allow the team to have more of an impact on the organization.

Humber’s security department needed a modernized approach in keeping with its dedication to campus safety. The team realized that they needed to implement a more streamlined and efficient process. Otherwise, the entire security department would be unable to meet its goal of providing the safest possible work and learning environment for Humber’s staff and students.

“One of our biggest challenges was getting all of the security staff to use the same naming convention,” and some guards still preferred to hand-write their incident reports.

With inconsistent naming, disparate reporting, and limited insight, it took too long to find the necessary information to assist in investigations, which ultimately opened them up to more risk.

The Solution

Today, over 20 staff members within the security team and across other departments use Resolver on a daily basis. In addition to security staff members and public safety administrators, several professionals from the student conduct, Student Support and Intervention Team, and campus services departments record incidents using the software. Resolver’s Incident Management software has enabled the security team at Humber College to standardize incident capture and reporting across the organization, allowing them to improve response time and implement strategic plans of mitigation, which has ultimately resulted in quicker incident resolution.

On average, the Student Support and Intervention case duration for the Fall 2018 semester was 39 days.  That is from the time of intake until the case is considered closed and the student is on a path to success.

With access to relevant data like this, the team at Humber College has been able to identify at-risk areas and effectively demonstrate the need for additional resources.

“We noticed an increase in incidents reported on one of our campuses at a specific time. Using the data provided by Resolver, we were able to justify the investment of an additional security guard.”   Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator.

As with many higher education institutions, preventing sexual violence is a priority. Humber College, led by the Consent Peer Education Team, is working diligently to prevent and educate the campus community about sexual violence. The team hosts and participates in a series of workshops, events, and nationally recognized campaigns, including Take Back the Night, Can I Kiss You?, Bringing in the Bystander, 16 Days of Activism, and One Billion Raising.

Humber College is vigilant in ensuring that its community members are aware of the College’s policy and the various campus supports available to students, including the Student Wellness & Accessibility Center and the Student Support & Intervention Coordinators. Since implementing these programs, the Department of Public Safety has noticed an increase in students assisting others and in students feeling comfortable in coming forward to report incidents of sexual violence.

An added benefit of Resolver has been the reduction in paperwork. From guard management to entering activity notes, Resolver opened up a range of management opportunities for their team while also aligning the Department of Public Safety with Humber College’s strategic plan of being a sustainable organization.

“Since working with Resolver, Humber’s Department of Public Safety has gained the ability to maintain a high-level view of what’s happening at the college and make data-driven decisions.”

Resolver for Educational Institutions: Protecting What Matters

When your business is people, there can’t be any shortcuts. Resolver helps world-class educational institutions reduce the frequency and severity of events impacting their organization. With powerful incident reporting and comprehensive views across the organization, students can rest easy knowing that you’ve got them covered.

Humber is one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, offering programs that emphasize a solid academic foundation and practical, hands-on learning.

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