Process Automation and Ownership


Workflow will allow you to automate control processes, assessments, alerts, notifications. Resolver’s workflow engine is intuitive and completely configurable by the user, ensuring that you can easily automate any task, no matter how complicated. Stop wasting time sending emails and checking in with control owners. Spread the workload, share accountability.

Prioritize Your Compliance Effort


Not all compliance activities and standards are equally important. Errors in compliance can result in exposure to risk, penalties and damage to your reputation. Resolver’s Compliance application provides you with a complete picture of your compliance program, enabling you to confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management. Attain peace of mind that you have minimized the risk of noncompliance.



How can you optimize your compliance program without a complete, centralized view of requirements, controls, control testing and issues? Combine your compliance information from spreadsheets and emails into a relationship which allows you to visualize information. Dashboards are tools that your brain instinctively responds to. Focus on the red, the things that are not working. Bring all the information together in one view.

Collaboration and Information Sharing across the Three Lines of Defense


Resolver’s Compliance Software enables a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities across the Three Lines of Defense. The application ensures all parties are able to accomplish their tasks in a more efficient manner. The first line can take ownership of the applicable risk and requirements throughout the organization. The compliance team maintains a level of independence by monitoring the organization’s risk tolerance, uncovering gaps and vulnerabilities, and supporting the development of processes and controls to mitigate risk. The information can easily be extracted or shared with regulators and auditors.

Compliance Management Software for:

Resolver’s RCM software provides real-time updates on all legislative and regulatory updates, assuring you have the most up-to-date content at all times. Easily engage with the first line of defense to ensure that they can execute risk assessments, manage risks, and remediate regulatory gaps.

Develop and maintain a system of internal control across your organization’s objectives, critical processes, financial reporting and major initiatives. Learn more about Resolver’s Internal Control (SOX compliance) application.


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